Test Management in JIRA

JIRA is the perfect tool to get entire product teams on the same page. Bringing test management inside of JIRA helps tightly integrate product management, development, and testing.

  • Manage testing from beginning to end--track requirements, test cases, and test cycles
  • Get visibility into your team's build status with powerful widgets and dashboards
  • Link requirements and test cases to JIRA issues to integrate development and QA
  • Keep everything in context: No switching between JIRA and testing platforms

Zephyr for JIRA

Zephyr for JIRA is the most efficient way for project teams to manage all of their testing inside JIRA. With a UI that is completely native to JIRA, users need zero ramp up time to manage all their testing from a single interface. Test drive Zephyr today and see why over 600 customers have made this one of the top grossing add-ons and the #1 Testing & QA add-on in the Marketplace.

synapseRT for JIRA

synapseRT is a powerful JIRA add-on for agile and waterfall teams doing requirements and test management. It ensures seamless software delivery via reusable test suites and a test management dashboard for end-to-end traceability. A test coverage matrix and burn down charts help provide the perfect test management solution for a JIRA shop.

Behave for JIRA

Integrate Acceptance Test Driven Development and with JIRA test management for your projects with Behave for JIRA. Add acceptance test scenarios to user stories. Execute acceptance tests from user stories as automated tests. Set up JIRA to only execute acceptance tests when tickets are closed. It's the perfect test case management solution for ATDD teams.