One small step for git, one giant step for your dev team! DVCS is the future of source code management, and with Stash, you have the most powerful tool for managing git repos behind the firewall. Organize your repositories, get detailed statistics on your commit history, and analyze your system with awesome Stash add-ons. Time to pull request your way to a faster dev cycle.

  • Easily bring your existing code into Stash and smooth your DVCS transition
  • Organize your branches and get rid of repo clutter
  • Visualize data about your committers, branches, and repos

Source Code Importer

Get up and running on Stash fast with Source Code Importer. Use the web UI to move from Suversion and previw your planned import on a summary screen. Map SVN committers to Stash users and save yourself hours of administrative hassle while making your DVCS transition.

Awesome Graphs

See graphs of contributor activity across time, measured by commits and commit data by day, week, or month. Awesome Graphs provides a "punchcard" view so development managers can visualize the most frequent days and times that devs commit to a repository.


Git makes branching easy, but keeping track of all branches in a repo and how they relate is tedious and error-prone. Organize your branches into "Rendezvous Points" and easily review the merge status of various branches. Get email notifications when all the branches in a rendezvous point have been merged.