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  • vREST for JIRA

    for JIRA Cloud & JIRA Server
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    vREST is an automated REST API Testing Tool. JIRA integration helps you to log and view defects for the failed test cases easily.

    Quality Tiger - Test Management for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Qnit AG

    Quality Tiger is a full featured Test Management solution that provides everything needed for software testing. Its intuitive UIs and functionality for planning, executing and controlling tests are based on years of practical experience in this area.

    Issue Rating for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Atlassian Verified
    Communardo Software GmbH is an Atlassian Verified vendor.
    Supported by Communardo Software GmbH, an Atlassian Verified vendor

    The add-on allows you to vote for tickets and ideas in JIRA. Tickets can be filtered and searched by number, average or own votings. That way ideas don't get lost and an easy evaluation is possible.

    Kanoah Tests

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Kanoah Software

    Design, plan, execute test cases and track progress. Kanoah Tests is unique on test case management, but also offers an unprecedented level of integration with JIRA. It allows the QA team to work closely with developers and product managers.

    qTest connector for JIRA Cloud

    for JIRA Cloud
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    JIRA Widget, which resides in your JIRA projects, provides high level reports of integrated data between your JIRA project and qTest.

    Tellurium for JIRA

    for JIRA Cloud
    Supported by Tellurium

    Link your Tellurium tests and JIRA issues to quickly view and access your test suite from within JIRA. Lower the barriers to ATDD and Agile by bringing testing, project management, and bug tracking together with Tellurium for JIRA.

    Requirements for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by ease solutions Pte Ltd

    Manage and collaborate on all your artefacts within Atlassian JIRA to gain full traceability from your requirements down to the code change

    StacksOnDemand JIRA Plugin for AWS

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Advanced Process Designs

    Manage your AWS stacks easily right from JIRA

    Squish Coco

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by froglogic GmbH

    Bamboo plugin for Squish Coco. Requires Squish Coco 3.1 or above.

    Hiptest plugin - agile test management

    for JIRA Cloud & JIRA Server
    Supported by Hiptest

    Hiptest is a user friendly test management platform that support continuous delivery and bridges the gap from manual to automated testing. This plug-in enables you to link Jira issues to your tests, thus increasing visibility across the team.

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