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  • TestFLO Exports

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by InTENSO

    TestFLO Exports is free add-on to TestFLO for Test Management which provides additional exports and reports to make testing flow more visible for everyone involved in testing process. Control and respond on time, becouse time is crucial.

    HP Application Automation Tools Plugin

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by HP Software

    HP Application Automation Tools Plugin enables you to run UFT tests – both from the file system and ALM – as a product build task.

    Clover for Bamboo

    for Bamboo Cloud & Bamboo Server
    Supported by Atlassian

    Show test coverage metrics in your Bamboo build results. Coverage trends across builds indicate when new risks are introduced. Test optimization speeds your builds by only running tests that cover changed code or that previously failed.

    QaSpace - Test Management

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by EPAM Systems, Inc.

    We're providing two different views on the project tests: one that augments mass test case writing the best, and one that supports organizing and executing the tests. A third view offers up-to-date statistics on the current status of testing.

    UFT Task for Bamboo

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by AutoTestingTools

    Runs HP UFT automated test scripts or frameworks from Bamboo & integrates results with JIRA in various ways such as creating results for failed tests , adding comments and labels, linking test results to issues, updating test duration to custom field

    vREST for JIRA

    for JIRA Cloud & JIRA Server
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    vREST is an automated REST API Testing Tool. JIRA integration helps you to log and view defects for the failed test cases easily.

    TestRail for JIRA Test Management

    for JIRA Cloud & JIRA Server
    Supported by Gurock

    Supercharge your QA & testing efforts with TestRail, our modern and best selling web-based test management tool. Directly integrate TestRail with our rich JIRA Cloud & Server add-ons for test plans, test cases, test results, defects and reporting.

    Quality Tiger - Test Management for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Qnit AG

    Quality Tiger is a full featured Test Management solution that provides everything needed for software testing. Its intuitive UIs and functionality for planning, executing and controlling tests are based on years of practical experience in this area.

    Issue Rating for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Atlassian Verified
    Communardo Software GmbH is an Atlassian Verified vendor.
    Supported by Communardo Software GmbH, an Atlassian Verified vendor

    The add-on allows you to vote for tickets and ideas in JIRA. Tickets can be filtered and searched by number, average or own votings. That way ideas don't get lost and an easy evaluation is possible.

    Kanoah Tests

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Kanoah Software

    Design, plan, execute test cases and track progress. Kanoah Tests is unique on test case management, but also offers an unprecedented level of integration with JIRA. It allows the QA team to work closely with developers and product managers.

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