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    Bitbucket + Zapier: Better Together With Automated Workflows

    Bitbucket + Zapier: Better Together With Automated Workflows

    Effortless Issue Tracking

    Support For 750+ Apps

    Supercharge Your Workflows

    Zapier's Bitbucket integration automates your issue tracking workflows, whether you're capturing new ones or you need to create tasks and get notified - it's done all for you by setting your Triggers and Actions.

    Zapier connects your Bitbucket repos and issues with your favorite apps, like Trello, Slack, Asana, Google Sheets, RSS, Wrike, Dropbox, Hipchat, Gmail, and webhooks - more added every week!

    Leverage the power of Multi-Step Zap workflows to trigger complex automations from your issues; run custom JS or Python Code steps at any point to process your data before moving it on with Delays and filters.

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    Zapier lets you receive new issues on Bitbucket from any other source you create them on, or make sure you trigger tasks, notifications, and records for new issues without any additional effort.

    Zapier’s latest release introduces a game-changer — Multi-Step Zaps to fully automate the workflow through all your apps.

    Check out Bitbucket integrations on Zapier or try out some popular use-cases now:

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    Bitbucket Cloud Released 2016-02-01


    Zapier Update 2.0: Multi-Step Zaps


    • Multi-Step Zaps: one trigger, any number of actions. Accomplish entire workflows automatically, moving your data from a single source to all your apps.
    • Filters: Set up rules to determine whether or not your Zap triggers; react only to specific terms with your workflows.
    • Delay app: Pause your Zap mid-workflow for a certain amount of time, or wait until a specific date.
    • Formatter app: Use pre-made functions to transform dates, text, and number formats, including Find and Replace functionality.
    • Code steps: Process your data at any point of your workflow with custom JavaScript or Python for ultimate control.
    • New features and apps every week!


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