Leader board for trending repositories and developers in open source community

Leader board for trending repositories and developers in open source community

Leaderboard on trending open source repositories

Additional language and followers filtered results

Leaderboard on trending open source developers

Trending in Bitbucket provides list of trending repositories and developers in open source community daily. With language filters, this addon helps you see the trending data and analyze how coding shaping the world.

The webpage includes options to view trends in repositories and developers by language and forks, followers count.

The site also features dual tab view that makes it easier to see open source developers without hitting refresh button

More details

This update patches up most of the bugs from previous versions. The language filter is working. As well as the filter for sorting by watchers and filters.

Read more at http://trending.bitbucket.org/blog

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by edward on 2015-12-17
Why i can't download the plugin ? when i click eh download link, the sytem return return a json file : { "key": "trending-in-bitbucket", "name": "Trending in Bitbucket", "description": "Shows top trending repositories and developers in Bitbucket", "baseUrl": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/trending-addon-frontend/public", "modules": { "profileTab": [ { "url":"/addon-profiletab.html", "name": { "value":"Trending in Bitbucket" }, "key":"trending" } ], "oauthConsumer": { "clientId": "pLWqvbaNUbLbMcRZAn" } }, "scopes": ["account"], "contexts": ["account"] }
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by mohammed thaif on 2015-10-28
Version 1.1 includes patches to the results filter. and documentation via blog at http://trending.bitbucket.org/blog
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Bitbucket Cloud Released 2016-04-06


Patched results filters and updated blog


Patched results filters:

  • Updated language filters
  • Update results sorting

and updated blog for documentation, installation, how the add on is built.


  1. Log into your Bitbucket instance as an admin.
  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new add-ons screen loads.
  3. Locate Trending in Bitbucket.
  4. Click Install to download and install your app.
  5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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