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    Allow tickets to be automatically created in JIRA whenever a test case fails

    Allow tickets to be automatically created in JIRA whenever a test case fails

    Dashboards and Activity feeds at your fingertips

    Team Collaboration

    Customizable with flexibility built in

    Find the data you need instantly with our clean, easy to use dashboards and graphs. Access insights on activity feeds whenever required to give you a faster route to successful testing.

    Whether in the same office or in varied locations, your team can work as one and keep everyone synced. Manage their testing efforts with our user workload report, view personalized dashboards and create custom roles.

    Create tests that reflect your preferences with our customizable platform. Define your own custom fields and make updates at any time. Specify custom user roles and assign them to individual members of your team.

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    TestLodge is an online test case management tool that allows software testers and QA teams to manage their test cases and testing efforts with ease. Our two-way integration brings both TestLodge and JIRA closer together and and seamlessly improves the communication between testers and developers.

    • Automatically create tickets in JIRA whenever a test fails.
    • Pull back JIRA ticket statuses into TestLodge with a single click.
    • Create re-runs based on a test result in TestLodge and a JIRA ticket status.
    • Update existing tickets easily along with changing the JIRA ticket status directly from TestLodge - A huge timesaver.
    • Instant two-way communication helps improve the communication between QA and developer.

    The integration works with both JIRA cloud and server.

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    by David Kane on 2017-07-26
    Very easy to setup and works just has shown. Recommended
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    Version 3 JIRA Server 3.1 - 7.4.3 Released 2017-03-24


    New expanded functionality between TestLodge and JIRA


    The TestLodge and JIRA integration streamlines testing by automatically creating a ticket in JIRA when a test fails in TestLodge. Enhancing the functionality, the following improvements have been implemented in the latest release.

    • Fast access to any JIRA ticket statuses. Pull back the JIRA ticket status into TestLodge with just one click.
    • Create re-runs based on the test case result with their JIRA ticket status. Now a re-run could be created to include all tests that ‘failed’ in TestLodge and that have an associated issue tracker ticket marked as ‘resolved’ in JIRA.
    • No longer any need to create a fresh ticket in JIRA. If a test is already associated with a ticket in JIRA, it will be updated automatically with the latest result for added convenience.
    • As well as updating the ticket, new options allow you to modify certain settings from TestLodge directly, such as setting a status to ‘closed’.


    • Sign-in to your TestLodge account as an admin or an account holder.
    • Select 'Settings' from the main menu, followed by 'issue tracker integration'
    • Select Jira from the drop down and follow the on-screen instructions to link your Jira and TestLodge account together.

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