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    for Confluence Server 2.5 - 6.3.3
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    RoadRunner for Confluence

    RoadRunner allows you to take Confluence content (pages and attachments) with you offline. Also you can create / update / fine tune content offline before sending it back to the server where it's public.

    RoadRunner is a Confluence plugin (or stand alone app) which synchronizes content from one or multiple Confluence servers down to a your local desktop or laptop running a personal version of Confluence.

    It is now free and open source!

    Watch the video of RoadRunner in action!

    Want to see RoadRunner work with Confluence 4 and SSL? Then check this out.

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    by Joachim Schlosser on 2017-01-10
    RoadRunner just caused the whole team to receive edit notifications from me, because it seems to touch all pages and attachments in a space during the sync process. This should not be intended functionality and thus makes RoadRunner completely useless for me.
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    Artemis Software

    Hi! Thanks very much for your interest in this Confluence add-on!

    RoadRunner creates pages and updates in a similar way you do and respects how you have your Confluence Server configured.

    If you have two pages on your local machine A and B, you have updated A but not B, it will update just A and send notifications the same way as if you'd edited the page on the server and saved it.

    What you're blaming RoadRunner ( a free tool ) for is not it's fault, rather in this case Confluence is sending notifications about updates because of the way you've configured it. Please have a look at how to configure notifications.

    And based on this please consider updating your review which is really of Confluence's notifications not RoadRunner (a free tool) ! Thanks :)

    by Daniel Andrew Felipe on 2017-01-09
    Plugin has a lot of promise but it kinda falls short due to the following: • Sync operation fails on very large spaces. Java heap issues creep up whilst in the sync process • No safeguards on potentially destructive sync operations. Initial configuration of RR (for initial sync from remote to local Confluence instance) will be kept indefinitely and will adversely affect selective page syncing • No selective page syncing. If it has, you will need to make a full space sync which is not advisable if you're updating a page from an enormous space • Syncs will not be one-to-one unless you are working with a space which conforms to the factory-default space templates. Some Confluence instances are a mix of factory-default and custom templated spaces • Wonky and unresponsive interface These issues are bearable for power users, but we planned to use this to accommodate users who are often out of the grid and are not necessarily well versed in Confluence. That said, I'm hopeful the RR author is attempting to revive this plugin as he recently made activity in this in the form of moving the RR source from GitHub to Bitbucket and in turn resolve these issues. Until then, the workaround of export/import pages is in effect here Reference ticket: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONF-3726
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    by Matt on 2016-03-25
    It works with confluence 5.6.5. After a bit of posting here and on the bitbucket page i discovered that i needed to install another confluence server somewhere else first, in order to have somewhere to sync to. This requires a license (but you can use the free trial to test it). Then you need to enable Remote API on both servers. After that it works ok, as advertised. There is room for improvement for sure but it brings much needed functionality for those hosting it on their own servers who do not have it open to the internet (presumably most people). I'm grateful to the people who created and maintain Roadrunner and hope to one day see it integrated into the main UI and the need to purchase a license for another server go away. Thanks to all involved for this useful application.
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    by Frank Nagel on 2016-02-24
    How is it handled with the local confluence server? Do I have to purchase an additional license for that?
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    Artemis Software

    It's FREE. No license or purchase necessary. For a local Confluence you just have to pay Atlassian $10 for the 10-user license, but the add-on is FREE. Does that garner 4-stars? :)


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    Version 0.7.0 Confluence Server 2.5 - 6.3.3 Released 2013-01-22


    added support for Conf 4.x+ and SSL


    With this release of RoadRunner the two biggest requests are implemented:

    1) now works with sites using SSL

    2) now works with Confluence version 4.x (and still 3.x) 


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