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    Successful agile projects with Behaviour Driven Development

    Successful agile projects with Behaviour Driven Development

    What is Behavior Driven Development?

    Requirements Collaboration

    Automated Acceptance Tests

    Product Owners, Developers and Testers describe what the software should do by talking through example behaviour. Writing Specifications as Examples allows teams to truly understand User Stories before development begins

    Behave Pro allows agile teams using JIRA to apply BDD and improve their User Stories and Requirements. The easy to use editor with syntax highlighting and edit assist allows anyone to practice BDD, not just developers

    User Story examples can also be automated as acceptance tests for software validation. Behave Pro supports exporting to Cucumber, SpecFlow, and Behat, and provides required FDA Test to requirements traceability links

    More details

    Don't just test for defects, prevent them with better User Stories. 54% of all defects found during testing are problems with requirements. Agile projects can be delivered on-time and with the right functionality by improving User Stories.

    Behave Pro allows you to write better User Stories in JIRA by following the Specification by Example approach BDD.

    This is why Behave Pro won Best Commercial add-on in Codegeist 2012 and is used on thousands of projects; including financial, medical and e-commerce.

    • Proven 99.99% uptime
    • Add scenarios to User Stories (or any JIRA Issue) as acceptance criteria
    • Create team agreement on a Story before work starts [video]
    • Integrates with JIRA Agile to provide Story information during sprint planning
    • Export Scenarios as Automated Acceptance tests with Cucumber, SpecFlow, Behat and other Gherkin compatible tools
    • Full traceability between requirements and acceptance tests for FDA compliance.
    • Control automated tests based on Issue properties and status

    User reviews

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    by Ben Venker on 2016-06-08
    I'll echo the previous reviewer by saying that the customer support is unbelievable. They use Intercom and I've never waited more than 24 hours for a reply - and half (2/4) of my (questions resulted in enhancements made to the product within a week or so. Very impressive. Behave Pro is also a great way to gently introduce BDD to your company, if you're not sure you're ready for it. It makes it easy to use the BDD/Gherkin syntax when writing stories, which is useful on it's own, even if you don't export the .feature files. I love the ability to tie multiple user stories to a scenario / feature. Often, epics are too heavyweight for a collection of a few stories, so this functionality is key. It also allows business users to start with business logic first, and has started getting a lot of traction in our company, which helps everyone. Also, the fact that it de facto creates long term documentation is a major plus that I expect will only get more crucial as time goes on.
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    by William Davis on 2016-06-03
    Let me start off by saying we have been using BehavePro for just over a year now, and before that, a year with the Behave server edition, and We Love It! When we first started using BDD/Gherkin, we started with this product and it has helped us with things like forming correct Scenario structures to providing automate-able tests by simply exporting the Feature files to our automation framework. BehavePro has been a consistent ‘guide’ along our BDD maturation path. We were already using JIRA, so adding this plug-in was simple and so seamless, that the Business users were shocked when we showed them how easy it now was to view the Scenarios that were tied directly to their Acceptance Criteria for each JIRA ticket. It’s not only great for the increased business and QA collaboration, but it also acts as our test case management system. Also, the individual support from the company is unheard of. We had some issues with migrating our Features from Behave to BehavePro, and they basically held our hand through the process and went out of their way to ensure that we retained all of our Scenarios. Great Job Hindsight!!
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    by Jon Yates on 2016-05-31
    The integration with JIRA is excellent and is very easy to associate Scenarios with tasks. Creating features is very simple and clear and has the added benefit of Intellisense. Support from the company is first class.
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    by tiko lakin on 2016-04-29
    First of all - it is the best collaboration tool that is available in the marketplace. BehavePro is all about collaboration betwen stackeholders and development teams Finally we could bring real BDD into our development flow and start conversation with clients by asking about examples of features they request. It is not about testing or automation. It is ubsolutelly different. It true BDD in JIRA, Agile. Now, in JIRA, there is perfect place where enybody can fully understend clients needs, and also can have a conversation that both sides understand in the same way. We call it "On the same page" Specifications by examples is really posible in development because of this great extension It is our big step forward. Cucumber scenarios are visible now that we also can automate and make living documentation works for developers and clients. Behavepro it is real tool that implements BDD in JIRA Big thanks to Hindsight!
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    by Matt Kirton on 2016-03-15
    About the software: very flexible and usable toolset that integrates nicely with JIRA. About the company/service: really great. I was having difficulty with filtering Features on the Thursday, so got in touch with the Behave Pro team via the integrated chat client. Within 10 minutes I was chatting to the staff, and had a video call to explain my issue. They quickly figured out I had discovered a small bug. The fix was deployed by the following Tuesday!! Fantastic customer service, keep it up!
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    Hindsight Software Ltd supports Behave Pro for JIRA Agile. You can visit the support site to get help.

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    JIRA Cloud Released 2016-08-22


    Minor version update


    Minor version update


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