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    User Story collaboration from JIRA to HipChat

    User Story collaboration from JIRA to HipChat

    Requirements Collaboration

    Glance at your Sprint status

    Never leave HipChat

    Behave Pro allows agile teams using JIRA to apply BDD and improve their User Stories and Requirements. This add-on brings Behave Pro's User Story collaboration out of JIRA and into HipChat

    HipChat rooms can display a "glance" to show the number of impeded Issues within the current sprint or Kanban board. The glance updates in real-time as team members ask and resolve User Story questions

    To discuss and answer team members questions you don't have to ever leave HipChat. You can just open the Issue and drill down into the question by clicking on the "glance"

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    Don't just test for defects, prevent them with better User Stories. 54% of all defects found during testing are problems with requirements. Agile projects can be delivered on-time and with the right functionality by improving User Stories.

    Product Owners, Developers and Testers describe what the software should do by talking through example behaviour. Writing Specifications as Examples allows teams to truly understand User Stories before development begins. What better place to have the discussion than HipChat?

    This HipChat integration requires Behave Pro for JIRA Cloud

    Behave Pro allows you to write better User Stories in JIRA by following the Specification by Example approach BDD.

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    Hindsight Software Ltd supports Behave Pro for HipChat. You can visit the support site to get help.

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    HipChat Cloud Released 2015-12-07


    Required scopes changed


    Required scopes changed:

    • Added: view_group


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