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Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI)

by Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons (an Appfire company) for multiple products
JIRA Server 6.1 - 6.4.7
Confluence Server 5.5 - 5.8.5
FishEye 3.3.0 - 3.8.1
Bamboo Server 5.5.0 - 5.9.1
Crucible 3.3.0 - 3.8.1
Stash 3.0.0 - 3.10.2
HipChat Server 2
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Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons (an Appfire company) supports this add-on.

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Data Center
This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

    Unified CLI client. Enhanced actions. Deep automation. Ultimate control

    Award winning integration

    Enhanced actions

    Exchange data with CSV

    Enables many integration scenarios and automation. Uses application provided remote APIs to make it easy to automate a wide variety of use cases across Atlassian products. An essential for DevOps environments.

    Minimize scripting with enhanced actions. Use powerful actions such as run, runFromSql, runFromCsv, runFromList, and other product specific runFrom capabilities.

    Integrate with other applications using CSV. List actions support CSV output. Import external data using CSV and the runFromCsv action.

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    User reviews

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    by Anders Nilsen on 2013-07-25
    I really like it, but if im not mistaken there's not possible to exportspace as HTML ? Just PDF? If i use --action exportSpace --space "spacename" --exportType "PDF" --file "BACKUP_DIRECTORY" It works great, but i was hoping that changing type from PDF to HTML would do the trick, and it doesn't.. Any ideas as to how you can do a HTML export? (Or to get attachements included in the PDF)
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    Vendor response

    --exportType HTML exports to a zip file containing html including attachments. If you are having difficulties, open an issue with more details. 

    by Adam Parkin on 2012-11-23
    Awesome stuff, any chance it'll be updated to include Atlassian Stash? That'd pretty much make it perfect for my usages.
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    Vendor response

    Stash CLI is now available (since 3.2).
    by julian@emesa.nl on 2012-05-01
    Could you please update this plugin to Confluence 4.2? We can't use it rightnow.
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    Vendor response


    by Rolf Steinecke on 2011-04-30
    ideal for automated tasks in Confluence, and easy to use in Perl scripts!
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    by andrei shpakov on 2010-08-02
    thanks for the tool - works great for our Confluence instance
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    Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons (an Appfire company) supports Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI). You can visit the support site to get help.

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    Release notes

    Version 4.4.0 JIRA Server 6.1 - 6.4.7,
    Confluence Server 5.5 - 5.8.5,
    FishEye 3.3.0 - 3.8.1,
    Bamboo Server 5.5.0 - 5.9.1,
    Crucible 3.3.0 - 3.8.1,
    Stash 3.0.0 - 3.10.2,
    HipChat Server 2
    Released 2015-06-29


    Confluence CQL, Bamboo plan creation scripts, HipChat sendMessagesFromFile

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