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    Add live macros to Confluence pages, which allows the content to be changed without Editing the page

    Add live macros to Confluence pages, which allows the content to be changed without Editing the page

    Live: Check Box Macro

    Live: Date Picker Macro

    Live: Dropdown List macro

    Add live Check Boxes to your page. These can be used to get feedback from users, or monitor tasks.

    Create you own forms or feedback from users.

    Add Date Picker to your page. You can update the date to live without Editing the page. Use this to keep track of changes or tracking hen tasks where updated.

    Add a Dropdown list to your page and users can select options or choices without Editong the page. Use this for formas or getting feedback from users.

    More details

    This plugin allows users to add macros to Confluence pages, and using these macros, users can modify page data without needing to Edit the page itself.

    These macros can be used for forms, task lists, choices or just reminders on the page. There are a number of macros to use, download now and give it a try.

    If you have any additional requirements, please add an improvement idea using the Support link.

    User reviews

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    by Sed Carpentrie on 2017-04-08
    Datepicker works, but after page refresh field is not initialized. I see next data in source code for date field: type="text" value="5 Apr 2017" Also I found this warning in console: The specified value "5 Apr 2017" does not conform to the required format, "yyyy-MM-dd".
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    by Nogger on 2017-03-24
    Hi KC Integrations team, you have realized for me one of the most important & missing feature in Confluence. Now I can create and use a drop-down list. Many Thanks One Problem: we use your macro within tables and we want to filter the table with the "Table Filter & Charts Macro" (https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.stiltsoft.confluence.plugin.tablefilter.tablefilter/server/overview). But the "Table Filter & Charts Macro" recognizes not the selceted value of the drop-down list, but all possible values in one string. As result filtering and sorting does not work for columnes including your macro. It would be fantastic if sorting and filtering would be possible
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    KC Integrations

    Hi there,

    Great request, I have implemented this for 3 of my macros, Dropdown, Radio Selection and DatePicker. I tested with standard Confluence table sorting and works great.

    Please check out version 1.8...

    by Stefan Homma on 2017-02-20
    Hi KC Integrations team, your Live Input Macros is a Great plugin!!! As already written it is realy difficult to find a plugin to add a simple dropdown or a textbox without login. It would be fantastic if text changes were documented in the history
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    KC Integrations

    Hi there,

    I am currently working on improving the text-box macro as this is becoming really popular. Including saving the contents on the page so that history is preserved and tracked. Hopefully this won't be too far away.


    by Dan Conroy on 2016-11-05
    This seems to be working perfectly for me so far. It's amazing how difficult it is to find a free plugin to add a simple dropdown in Confluence - and this seems to work. Great work!
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    KC Integrations

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the great feedback. I am also looking for ways to improve the plugin. If you have any suggestions that would make this plugin more useful please send feedback using the Issue tracker in the Support section above.

    by Rick Beecroft on 2016-10-05
    We used it with great success for a week. Week 2, we have the same issue as Wooter. Type in the box and nothing is saved. No major changes happened to Conf install between. We are on version 5.9.3
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    KC Integrations

    Hi There,

    Thankyou for your feedback. I have identified the problem and now providing a fix, please watch out for the next version which will address this issue. Thanks all.


    I have just release version 1.5 which I believe fixes this issue, please download and give me your feedback. Thanks all for your patience...

    KC Integrations team


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    Version 1.10 Confluence Server 5.3 - 6.3.3 Released 2017-05-22


    Confluence 6.2.0 compatibility


    Confluence 6.2.0 compatibiity


    1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate Live Input Macros via search. Results include app versions compatible with your Confluence instance.
    5. Click Install to download and install your app.
    6. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

    To find older Live Input Macros versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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