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    for Confluence Server 5.8.2 - 6.0.7 and more versions
    Versions available for Confluence Server 2.2 - 5.1.5
    Confluence Server 5.2.3 - 5.7.6
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    Redirect and alias pages with a new name, fast and simple

    Redirect and alias pages with a new name, fast and simple

    Redirection macro in view page

    Redirection macro in edit mode

    Alias macro

    View page will show redirection notice before leaving the current page

    {redirect} is generally used when a page is often linked directly outside this Confluence install but it has changed names for some reason.

    {alias} is generally used when a page may be known by more than one name.

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    User reviews

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    by Anne Pirchmoser on 2017-01-04
    So dar I can confirm a compatibility with 6.0.3 at least for the redirection macro, which is part of the plugin.
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    Hi Anne, thanks for a 4-star review! There's some technical challenges we're dealing with right now, but qe're working hard to get this compatibility out soon, stay tuned.

    by Rob Reynolds on 2016-09-10
    The Add-on key is not working: "The license could not be verified: There is no license certificate installed for CustomWare Redirection Plugin for Confluence."
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    Hi Rob, there might be some steps you missed when installing the license, please review https://docs.servicerocket.com/display/RED/Installation+and+Licensing. Otherwise, please contact our support team (support@servicerocket.com) for assistance.

    by Michelle Vincent on 2016-03-18
    Mercy Ships is a non-profit with the largest civilian hospital ship in the world. We use Confluence as our global intranet to allow our 17 different locations to collaborate as one organization. To get the most out of Confluence, we also use Redirection to give a page an alias when an official title is different than the commonly used name.
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    by Martin Thormann on 2015-08-12
    Hi, Since we want the space directory to be the first page in our Confluence, we use your re-direct plugin in the following way: we created an empty dummy space called "x". The homepage of that space is an empty page which only has your re-direct add-on, which then forwards to the space directory after 0 seconds. However, after a very long support ticket with Atlassian, we just found out that a forward after just 0 seconds causes the font file of Confluence not to load in Safari on Macs, which results in none of the icons and buttons showing. The fix for this was to set it to 1 seconds, which solved the problem. Martin
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    by Mikhail Sekachev on 2014-09-21
    I get the following error: The license could not be verified: There is no license certificate installed for CustomWare Redirection Plugin for Confluence.
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    Hi Mikhail, Thanks for trying out our product. You'll need to download a free license after installation in order to use it. Try checking out this page.


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    Version 5.2.2 Confluence Server 5.8.2 - 6.0.7 Released 2017-03-02


    Security Bug Fix


    New in this release:

    • Fixed an XSS security issue in the alias macro.

    Other recent updates:

    • Now compatible with Confluence version 6.0.1.


    1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate Redirection via search. Results include add-on versions compatible with your Confluence instance.
    5. Click Install to download and install your add-on.
    6. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

    To find older Redirection versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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