by MC+Afor JIRA Server 5.1.8 - 7.3.6
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    Data Center
    This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

    Improve issue resolution by integrating with Google Search Appliance

    Improve issue resolution by integrating with Google Search Appliance

    Securely index Jira tickets and metadata

    Content Enriched while Indexing

    Index your Jira Content Anywhere

    Deliver results from Jira to the appropriate knowledge worker with the appropriate access to view them. Early binding of results with access control lists (ACLs).

    Issue metadata and related items can be indexed and your Jira content can be enriched further while inflight to GSA with additional metadata.

    Works were your knowledge workers are with support for on premise and On Demand Jira instances.

    More details

    Using MC+A Google Search Appliance Jira Connector you can quickly integrate and start realizing the ROI benefits of delivering content to knowledge workers where they need it. Our connector is designed specifically for enhancing your Jira ticket data and allows for transformation enhancements to your Jira data in flight.


    • Extracts and Securely (ACLs) Index JIRA items, including:
      • Issues
      • Comments
      • Attachments
    • SSO compatable


    The Google Search Appliance Jira Connector has to be installed on either Linux or Windows (virtualisation possible). Also a Google Search Appliance (Version 7.+).

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    Version 3.2.2 JIRA Server 5.1.8 - 7.3.6 Released 2015-01-01


    Major Release


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