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    A JIRA Client that enhances your productivity

    A JIRA Client that enhances your productivity

    Fast, Clean UI

    Automatic Worklogs

    Menubar Control

    A more focused UI with fewer distractions means you can quickly navigate to the issues that need your attention.

    Get on with the work you enjoy and spend less time managing issues.

    When you're ready to start an issue, just click the play button to start timing. The pause button sends your worklog to your JIRA server.

    Everything is asynchronous so you don’t have to wait until the server responds.

    Control your current issue and see what's coming up next right inside your menubar.

    Bee queues up the next issue for you to work on, relieving you of constant decision fatigue.

    Your day is planned.

    More details

    Key features:

    • Short List:
      • Make a shortlist of issues to accomplish and let Bee track your progress via the menubar.
    • Notifications
      • Bee uses Notification Center to inform you of new comments and new tasks coming in from your teammates.
    • Smart Lists
      • Create your own live filters for filtering your tasks and viewing them the way you want.
    • Automatic Worklog Tracking
      • Bee fills in your timesheet for you and automatically uploads it.
      • Never worry about keeping that browser window open just to start and stop your tasks.
    • Live Search
      • To search, just start typing anywhere.
      • Instant results without having to wait for your server.
    • Quicklook
      • Let Bee manage your attachments and let you view them easily via Quicklook.
    • Create Anywhere
      • Bring up the global create window anywhere you are on your Mac, and quickly create a new issue.
    • Plaintext Editor
      • Bee also functions as a plaintext editor so you can capture your thoughts as you work.

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    by Michael Ballantyne on 2013-11-08
    Handles the basics for developers really well. Define a group of issues you care about with a smart group; create new issues with a global hotkey on your mac; Look through the issues on your todo list without the lag of the JIRA web UI; Search issues live as you type the key or name; submit time tracking data by hitting start and stop in your menu bar. It can't do everything the web UI can do - if you're a product manager who spends most of your day in JIRA shuffling tickets between sprints this won't totally fill your needs (at least not yet). But if you're a developer mostly interested in lining up what the immediate next steps are, this is great. Especially since you can track your personal tasks with local notes and your open source stuff with github issues from the same app. Saw it on hacker news and gave it a try today. Hasn't been out long, so still has some bugs. However, I reported a few bugs as I was checking it out today and got an email response about them within a few hours and just saw a new release was pushed out with fixes for most of them, which is pretty awesome. It is obvious the developer is committed to and excited about the app. If you find there is something missing for your use case definitely hit the Help -> Send Feedback link and tell him about it. You'll likely hear back promptly. Just purchased tonight after playing with the free trial today.
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    Version 1.3 JIRA Server 5.0 - 6.1.9 Released 2014-01-24


    Major feature: animated inline autocomplete for usernames


    New in this release

    • Username autocomplete in comment box, new issue description field, regular issue body field and when editing comments.
    • Opens linked issues inside of Bee if the issue exists.
    • Can now add Favourite Filters as lists inside of Bee.
    • Comment links now open a popover showing the mobile web view of the issue with the comment highlighted.
    • Sprints are kept in order by date and the backlog now allows rearranging and accepts dropped issues.
    • Able to view and modify an issue's epic link.

    Fixed in this release

    • Reordering issues in the web UI sometimes didn't reflect the order inside of Bee.
    • When inserting an issue using the global create window, the issue is now placed in Bee's column and sprint groups ordered correctly.
    • Transitions are now fetched correctly for all issues.
    • Autocomplete menus no longer show a small, white gap on the right-hand side.
    • Overdraw artifacts when scrolling through autocomplete menus.
    • When scrolling away, autocomplete windows now close with an animated fade.


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