Give your Hipchat Guest users access to room history

Give your Hipchat Guest users access to room history

Regular User Glance

Regular Users Sidebar

Guest greeting

All regular users in a room see guest history enabled status.

All regular users in a room can edit the history access

Guest users get a link on entering the room

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WARNING: This is a beta version with volatile ("free") backend. Use at your own discretion.

Involve your guest users better by providing them more conversation context. Give them ability to follow through room discussions and be more engaged.

What's in this add-on:

  • You configure the room you want to enable message history access for.
  • Guest users get a greeting every time they enter the room.
  • The greeting contains a unique link for the room to browse previous messages with.
  • You can invalidate the link and prevent guests access at any time.
  • Re-generate a new link by disabling and enabling access again.

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by Eriks Petersons on 2017-10-27
Super buggy, non of the configurations work and the addon keeps sending the notification regarding the chat history all the time on every message any of the guests send. This floods the whole room and makes it very annoying.
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Hipchat Cloud Released 2016-02-14


Initial beta version released


Initial beta version released


Click on Get it now to be redirected to your Hipchat instance to install this app. Then follow on-screen instructions. If your app can only be installed by an administrator, you will see a prompt. Otherwise, choose a room you own to install the app.

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