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    Google Calendar for HipChat - Now at you fingertips in your HipChat room

    Google Calendar for HipChat - Now at you fingertips in your HipChat room

    Make the most of your day

    Stay on top of your schedule

    Keep your team together

    Easily access, view and share Google Calendars inside of HipChat

    Access and view your work and personal calendars in one place. And don't for forget your favorite sports team

    Stay on top of important dates such as meetings, campaigns, milestones, product launches, vacation schedules, room availability and so much more!

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    Bring it all together and add the Google Drive integration for HipChat. Get it here.

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    by Yehor Kharchevka on 2017-01-31
    Awesomely useful tool!
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    HipChat Cloud Released 2016-08-17


    Required scopes changed


    Required scopes changed:

    • Added: send_notification


    Click on Get it now to be redirected to your HipChat instance to install this app. Then follow on-screen instructions. If your app can only be installed by an administrator, you will see a prompt. Otherwise, choose a room you own to install the app.

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