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    The ultimate Slack integration for JIRA Cloud

    The ultimate Slack integration for JIRA Cloud

    Send issue notifications to selected channels

    Take JIRA actions without leaving Slack

    Check and join discussion directly from Issue

    You can have several channels defined to be notified about changes in issues or projects. Every linked channel can have it's own set of filters and events to better control of what is posted on Slack. Learn more

    The @jira_connector bot allows you to perform actions in JIRA directly from Slack (assign, comment, log work on issues etc). It will also expand (unfurl) JIRA issue keys on channels where the bot is present

    No matter who, where and when talked about your issue. Now, you can check it all in one place (additional issue tab panel) and respond quickly

    More details

    Slack Connector provides 2-way integration between Slack messaging system and your JIRA Cloud instance.

    Using our ultimate Slack integration you can:

    • create new or selest existing Slack channel and link it with issues, projects or entire JIRA instance
    • follow any related Slack conversation directly from Issue page
    • send messages to linked Slack channel from Issue page
    • get notified about any change, edit or comment immediately on selected Slack channels
    • use advanced notification filtering mechanism to prevent your Slack channels from being cluttered
    • ask @jira_connector bot to perform JIRA actions on your behalf (assign, log work, search for issues and more)
    • unfurl any issue key on Slack channels where the @jira_connector bot is present

    User reviews

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    by Robert Bo Davis on 2017-03-12
    Edit: thanks for fixing that a long time ago. Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop tagging the author in the message, or make it optional. Constantly throwing notifications in slack up at the author for stuff they just did jira is not worth anything you think you are accomplishing with that. Other than that tiny little ampersand, this is great.
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    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your feedback. As of version 1.1.1-AC we are no longer tagging Slack users in notifications, except from cases such as private messages when we are certain that tagged is someone else that author!

    by Denis Aristov on 2017-02-06
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    by Sreekanth GS on 2016-10-25
    Must have an option to change Bot name and Avatar.
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    by Stephen Done on 2016-08-16
    This is a very, very well implemented Slack integration. I was a little hesitant to trial this add-on at first, because I saw some of the very critical reviews of earlier versions. However, It seems that WISOFT are listening to their customers and addressing all the issues that have been pointed out to them. By the time I tried the add-on, all the criticisms from other reviews had been fixed. Furthermore, the integration is extremely fast - by the time you have commented on a Jira issue and glanced at your slack client, the slack message has already been created. The configuration GUI is very logical and easy to understand too. This add-on relays Jira mentions to direct messages in slack. It can also post messages relating to Jira projects into corresponding slack channels, which is exactly what we wanted. You can also create slack channels for individual issues, though we don't need and haven't tried this. Everyone's requirements are different, - ours is to replace Jira's annoying email notifications with Slack notifications, with more control over notifications received for the users. For us there is one feature that would make this integration perfect for us: We need our users to be able to receive watcher notifications through Slack too - once we have this, we will finally have unhooked Jira from our email inboxes. I will give this add-on full marks, as I can see that this product is constantly being developed and is already very good. Stephen Done
    6 out of 8 found this review helpful
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    by Aaron Patterson on 2016-05-30
    I agree with the previous commenter saying that the recently introduced price is pretty high for what is provided. This tool replaced a previous JIRA/Slack integration for us which was free but did not support comments. While we like having comment notifications appear in Slack, I am not sure that benefit justifies the price, and there are other free alternatives we could set up with a little work. I am also not happy about how I was signed up for the paid version - this may be parly Atlassian's fault not Wisoft's, but it felt very sneaky, the tool stopped working, I clicked some notice in JIRA, and it told me there was a 'paid update' available, I clicked the Update button and it signed me up for a subscription without confirming or even telling me what the price would be! A better approach here would have been freemium: offer the old plugin for free and a version with extra features for money. As-is I feel like I've been tricked into paying for something, I'd say it is right on the borderline of something I would file a fraud dispute over if the charge popped up on my credit card. It is a huge oversight that I was subscribed to a recurring payment without being told how much that payment would be until after the fact. We were pleased with the tool but you have gone about monetizing it the wrong way and we are questioning whether we will remain users because of that (as well as eyeing anything you develop in the future warily).
    10 out of 10 found this review helpful
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    JIRA Cloud Released 2017-04-21


    Minor version update


    Minor version update


    1. Log into your JIRA instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Slack Connector.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your app.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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