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    Gantt charts for JIRA Cloud

    Gantt charts for JIRA Cloud

    Visualise dependencies between issues

    Group issues and track the progress

    Adjust tasks start time and edit issue links

    Use JIRA linking feature to create dependencies between issues that can be visible on gantt chart thereafter. Select “Blocks/Blocked By” or any other link type and the plugin will take care of appropriate rendering

    Are you using parent issues, such as, “Story” or “Epic” to group relevant issues together? No problem, they can be clearly visible on the chart with all the subtasks underneath and calculated progress

    You may drag&drop the tasks to adjust their start date and move them around the chart. All dependent issues will be rescheduled accordingly. You can also edit JIRA issue links to change dependencies between tasks

    More details

    Gantt Cloud makes creating gantt charts for projects hosted on JIRA Cloud an easy and simple task. Visualize your issues and their dependencies on easy to read, clean chart by using JIRA’s built-in linking feature (“Blocks/Blocked by” or any other link type can be used) and sub-tasks grouping. Track the progress of your team commitments with comfort in one convenient place. There is a lot of features to help you with that task, just to name a few: drag&drop support, flexible filtering and sharing mechanism, exporting and more.

    User reviews

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    by Jeremy Shaw on 2016-09-15
    Appears to have an architectural issue - cannot work in en environment with any significant number of issues. We have a few thousand, and the product took about a day to process the initial data set before I could start turning off the projects I wasn't interested in. Completely unusable from my perspective. Would prefer to give zero stars...
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    by Darren Hill on 2016-06-17
    Just started and I like it! One major gap is the ability to put in holidays and vacation time. I see a 2 year old issue GANTT-136 that would be great (estimate is 3hr). Any chance to get that in?
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    Hi Daren,

    Thank you for your interest in Gantt Cloud. GANTT-136 is indeed pretty old as there wasn't much feedback requesting such feature. I have moved it to the next sprint so it should be released in next 2-3 weeks :-)

    by Cristen Boorman on 2016-05-27
    Still half waterfall, half Agile in my team so this is a great little tool to see a gantt chart and filter off on sprints or change timings around. I really, really wish they added a feature for filtering on 'Project Category' as this makes logical sense to me. As I would love to report on the 'Project Category' rather than say 'version' or 'component'.
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    by Ilya Krasilnikov on 2016-03-28
    I have installed this plugin. Setup for one project. Looks not perfect but not bad. Relogin with test user who has access only to this one specific project (like our clients) and that test user sees ALL THE PROJECTS!!! This is absolutely unacceptable! Any other plugin do respect our security settings - they never display tickets and projects to people who don't have permissions to see them. Your plugin ignores all the security settings and shows all the projects to users. This is inacceptable,
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    Gantt Cloud does respect security settings. All communication with JIRA is done on behalf of special "add-on user" that can be restricted in similar way as any other user. You can read more about this approach in documentation. Please contatct us directly if you have any other concerns or need help regarding this.

    VENDOR UPDATE: As of version 1.2.0-AC (released on 19th June 2016), Gantt Cloud is making all communication with JIRA on behalf of current, logged-in user so all restrictions are respected.

    by Михаил Игнатов on 2015-10-16
    Simple, but very useful. Stable and faster than alternative solutions. There were some problems in encoding, but these problems were solved support during the day.
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    JIRA Cloud Released 2016-06-19


    Rendering and security improvements


    In this version of Gantt Cloud we changed the way of how all required information from JIRA instance are delivered. As a result, the whole rendering process is now a bit faster and this change will also allow us to improve filtering mechanism and better integrate with JIRA in near future. PLEASE NOTE:

    • As of this version, we no longer make JIRA API calls on behalf of add-on user but current user instead. Therefore, all issue and project permissions of logged-in user are now respected.
    • Due to data format change, we had to invalidate all already exported gantt charts. You have to refresh them manually on Gantt Charts page.


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    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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