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    JIRA Service Desk
    This add-on is compatible with JIRA Service Desk.
    JIRA Service Desk
    This add-on is compatible with JIRA Service Desk.

    Track JIRA sprint metrics across all your teams and drive team health, productivity, and performance

    Track JIRA sprint metrics across all your teams and drive team health, productivity, and performance

    Track historicals and KPIs with the power of JQL.

    Track critical metrics across all your teams.

    Building blocks to smarter decisions.

    Easily import JQL searches from JIRA or use recipe templates to gather all your key metrics in one place. In addition to JIRA, Notion integrates with other tools and existing workflows to centralize your data.

    Increase visibility across your teams and ensure management has the information they need to drive team health and performance. Use one-click reports to share critical team data with everyone that needs access.

    JIRA is just one way to get data into Notion. With a variety of integrations, a simple API, and manual data entry, our recipe builder makes it easy to mash up data across your entire team like never before.

    More details

    Notion for JIRA makes it easy to track sprint metrics across all your teams, so you know how to improve team performance across your entire organization. Notion tracks historical JQL counts, so your JIRA reporting is custom designed for how your teams use JIRA. Visualize JQL counts and performance metrics alongside your KPIs and data from your other tools.

    Team leaders love Notion:

    • Track, visualize, and share all your key metrics in one place.
    • Quickly and easily give management insight into performance across all your teams.
    • Stop manually updating spreadsheets with the data you need to manage your teams.
    • Integrate JIRA with other critical team data from a variety of sources - integrations, team metrics, and our API.
    • Add critical context around your data with team commenting and Slack notifications.
    • Capture valuable qualitative data with custom, anonymous team polls.
    • Generate one-click, sharable reports – Everyone will think you spent all weekend preparing them.

    User reviews

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    by Faruq Hunter on 2017-07-12
    Simple and straight to the point. It does what you need it to do without having to pay an exorbitant fee for the amount of users in your JIRA instance.
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    by Michelle Melancon on 2017-05-18
    Simply put, there really isn't a better solution. I spent a lot of time testing other tools that were kind of what we needed but not quite exactly what we needed. How Notion is able to "crunch" several JQL queries into exactly what you need is remarkable. The tool provides reports on data but also provides a feedback channel that helps to assess how the team is doing from a morale and confidence perspective. The Notion team is with you every step of the way in getting your data set up and answering any questions you may have immediately. I've literally never experienced better support and responsiveness. If you are looking for the perfect solution for your reporting struggles stop looking... you found it... really.
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    by Jon Lawrence on 2017-05-17
    Like another reviewer commented, we tried out EazyBI as well, but just found it too difficult to use in terms of easily building queries without enlisting BI team members. Since a lot of our business stakeholders were asking for metrics that shouldn't be that difficult (for example - "What's the average # of days an issue stays in "Ready for Development" before it gets picked up for dev?") that were exceeding hard to structure in EazyBI. Notion has made that dead simple, using traditional JQL queries and filters and enables our team to make better decisions about things like capacity and sprint planning with solid views of where we're at today, and where we've been at over time. The ease of sharing reports is an added bonus that really helps when all your business stakeholders may not have Jira accounts (or don't/won't use them). Lastly, their support and responsiveness as a team that owns the product is outstanding. They obviously care that their users are successful in getting meaningful/actionable data and it shows. Hands down, a great product.
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    by Emily Dresner on 2017-05-15
    I went looking for a simpler tool than EasyBI. While EasyBI is extremely powerful, it's also confusing for anyone without a formal BI education. Notion allows managers to write straight forward JQL queries - some quite advanced - and compile them into useful burn up and throughput charts. Highly recommend as either along-side something deeper like EasyBI or as a stand alone graphing and metrics tool for a team.
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    JIRA Cloud Released 2016-08-25


    Version 1.0


    We've made several updates to make Notion for JIRA run smoother than ever.

    Manage your JIRA import settings- Whether you are looking to start small, maintain project privacy, or want faster imports, you can now manage the number of projects that are imported through your JIRA connection.

    Story Point support for JQL metrics

    - It's now easier than ever to track your team's velocity. Create JQL metrics that total the number of estimated issues by Story Points.

    Edit JQL metrics

    - You can now edit a JQL metric in Notion after it's been created, making it easy to update your numbers as needs evolve.

    Filter options are now scoped by project

    - JIRA metric templates now properly scope filters by project, reducing confusion and increasing ease of setup.

    We've also added a ton of core features, like metric ownership, aggregate insights, API updates, time zone support, and more!


    • Visit to sign up for a Notion account.
    • Visit the Data Connectors page and sign into your JIRA Cloud account.
    • To add metrics to your dashboards, select a recipe template and fill in the required fields.

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