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    Make smarter decisions. Build better software. Run your team better with Notion

    Make smarter decisions. Build better software. Run your team better with Notion

    Track historicals and KPIs with the power of JQL.

    Create your single source of truth.

    Building blocks to smarter decisions.

    Easily import JQL searches from JIRA or use recipe templates to gather all your key metrics in one place. In addition to JIRA, Notion integrates with other tools and existing workflows to centralize your data.

    Increase visibility across your teams and ensure everyone has the data they need to make smarter decisions. The Notion Directory lets your team explore and build new metrics with your data.

    JIRA is just one way to get data into Notion. With a variety of integrations, a simple API, and manual data entry, our recipe builder makes it easy to mash up data across your entire team like never before.

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    Notion for JIRA gives you better insight into your team performance. Track historical JQL counts and performance metrics alongside your KPIs and data from your other tools. Learn from your data so your team collaborates on the goals that matter.

    Teams love Notion:

    • Share all your key metrics in one place.
    • Stop chasing spreadsheets and people to get the metrics you care about.
    • Get best practices for KPI and Team Health tracking.
    • Avoid nagging – send data owners automatic reminders to report.
    • Integrate JIRA with your team metrics (with more automated data sources coming soon).
    • Capture the story behind your data with team commenting and Slack notifications.
    • Help leadership understand your numbers – give context to your charts and numbers
    • Discover gaps and opportunities for alignment with Team Polling.
    • Generate one-click, sharable reports – Everyone will think you spent all weekend preparing them.

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    JIRA Cloud Released 2016-08-25


    Version 1.0


    Offers JQL import and recipe templates for cycle times


    • Visit to sign up for a Notion account.
    • Visit the Data Connectors page and sign into your JIRA Cloud account.
    • To add metrics to your dashboards, select a recipe template and fill in the required fields.

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