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    Send TeamCity notifications to your HipChat rooms

    Send TeamCity notifications to your HipChat rooms

    Keep your team up to date with notifications

    Integrate and deploy continuously

    Your 24/7 Build Engineer

    Send TeamCity notifications to your HipChat rooms.
    Initially a Continuous Integration server, TeamCity has encompassed all the features you expect from a mature Continuous Deployment platform. Today it is the best choice you can make for both.
    Powerful and user-friendly Continuous Integration and Deployment server that works out of the box

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    by Dalibor Mesarić on 2017-04-09
    Not working with TeamCity 10, there is an issue opened but no response from the developer even though it says that the add-on is supported.
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    TeamCity provides support for this add-on.

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    HipChat Cloud Released 2015-09-30


    Automated migration to the Atlassian Marketplace


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