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    Send notifications about pull requests or commits directly to your HipChat rooms

    Send notifications about pull requests or commits directly to your HipChat rooms

    Keep your team up to date with notifications

    Collaborative Git solution that massively scales

    Deployment flexibility with Amazon Web Services

    Seamlessly bring your development workflow to the front and center of your collaboration universe. Set up automated notifications in HipChat rooms to get updates about pull requests or commits, all in real-time.
    On-premise source code management for Git that's secure, fast, and enterprise grade. Create and manage repositories, collaborate on code and instantly scale with high performance.
    Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides further deployment flexibility, utilizing the benefits of AWS while maintaining control over configuration and setup of Stash.

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    HipChat Cloud Released 2015-09-30


    Automated migration to the Atlassian Marketplace


    • In Bitbucket Server, select Administration Settings > HipChat integration. If using HipChat Cloud, click the Connect HipChat button. If using HipChat Server, click the link below the Connect HipChat button, enter your HipChat server URL, then click Connect HipChat.
    • Log in to HipChat with an account that has admin rights. Click Install to finish installing the Bitbucket Server HipChat Addon.
    • Select the repository that you want to send notifications from, and the HipChat room where you want the notifications to appear. Repeat this process for all the repositories where you want to send notifications.

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