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qTest eXplorer

by QASymphony LLC. for JIRA Server 4.1.2 - 5.2 and more versions
Versions available for JIRA Server 4.1 - 4.1.2
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    The Ultimate Solution for Agile Testers

    Captures users' mouse clicks

    Document complex user scenarios


    Four distinct capture modes let you hone in on what you need to take screenshots:

    - Full Screen

    - Active Window only

    - Specific window on the screen

    - User-selected, highlighted portion of the screen

    Record every screen and every step. Users can edit and annotate their screenshots to make them more clear and concise.

    qTest eXplorer submits defects directly to qTest and other leading ALM and Defect Tracking tools

    Seamless submission of user tickets to a number of trackers without leaving qTest eXplorer.

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    by cschmutz on 2013-01-29
    Fantastic Tool to document and explain Bugs, create User Dokumentation..
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    More details

    An innovative screen capture tool that helps a tester easily submit clear and accurate defect tickets:

    • Captures both screenshot(s) and user’s actions.
    • Intelligently generates step-by-step narration of the test scenario.
    • Automatically produces test cases for recorded sessions.
    • Submits a ticket directly to various defect trackers or generates a stand-alone document.
    • Available as an integrated add-on to the qTest platform or as a standalone.

    Integration – Direct ticket submission to a wide range of trackers

    Testers can submit tickets directly from within qTest eXplorer to 10 popular defect trackers:

      · qTest

      · JIRA

      · Rally

      · VersionOne

      · Bugzilla

      · HP Quality Center

      · Team Foundation Server

      · Team Foundation Service

      · Bugzilla

      · FogBugz

      · Assembla

    To download qTest eXplorer, click "Visit Vendor Site" to go to the QASymphony site.

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    Release notes

    Version JIRA Server 4.1.2 - 5.2 Released 2014-01-13


    qTest eXplorer version (formerly known as qTrace)


    New in this release

    Including all features of qTrace and the following additional changes:

    • Color theme changed.
    • Icon size increased to ease user’s interaction.
    • Changing field names to accommodate qTest objects’ properties.
    • Seamlessly integrated with qTest platform.
    • Allows submitting test cases directly to qTest and submitting issues to other defect trackers.

    Fixed in this release

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