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    by Adaptavist for JIRA Server 7.0.0 - 7.1.7 and more versions
    Versions available for JIRA Server 3.7 - 6.4.13
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    Enhance and automate JIRA workflows, JQL functions, custom fields, listeners and more using Groovy

    Enhance and automate JIRA workflows, JQL functions, custom fields, listeners and more using Groovy

    Built-in administration/maintenance scripts

    Powerful JQL functions

    Scripted Fields

    Useful default functionality for administrators, for instance "su" to another user, copy a project etc etc, or run your own groovy scripts.

    ScriptRunner ships with a long list of extremely powerful JQL functions. For instance, query for parent tasks on attributes of their subtasks, find all issues that are blocked by unresolved bugs.

    Create your own calculated custom scripted fields with groovy, the simple scripting language. You may never need to learn maven!

    More details

    ScriptRunner is a collection of powerful but easy-to-use workflow functions, JQL functions, listeners and services.

    Either augment the ones provided with groovy, or write your own. You may never need to write your own java Add-on again.

    • Extra JQL Functions (like hasComments, hasAttachments, hasLinks, lastUpdated, workLogged, dateCompare, hasSubtasks, parentsOf and many more
    • Added Workflow functionality - the ability to extend your workflows to include built-in and scripted Validators, Conditions and Post-Functions
    • Scripted fields give you the ability to show fields with calculated data in issues
    • JIRA listeners gives you the ability to automate JIRA based on certain events
    • Administration built-in scripts give you the ability to bulk update issue resolutions and much more
    • Change the Behaviour of your JIRA fields
    • Make fields mandatory or Read-Only under certain conditions
    • Ability to apply server-side validation before JIRA issues are submitted and much more

    User reviews

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    by Loukia Christoforou on 2016-05-23
    Look great product but is not available for cloud users?
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    Hi Loukia,

    We're working on ScriptRunner for JIRA Cloud and we're making great progress. I'd say we're weeks away now (as opposed to months).

    Perhaps you can email scriptrunner@adaptavist.com and let me know what features you are particular looking for and I can add you to my email distribution list for further news on progress?



    by Shaun Alexander on 2016-05-05
    Great product, but very disappointed about the new pricing plan... to go from free to $1200 for 500 users??
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    Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for the feedback. Our investment in the ScriptRunner family and particularly ScriptRunner for JIRA will continue over the coming months and years. We've already added ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server and we'll have a brand new product next month. We've just released our latest new feature which allows you to customise JIRA even further:


    Perhaps you could email scriptrunner@adaptavist.com as I'd be happy to chat with you directly and hear more about your thoughts on our pricing.



    by Subbu Mahadevan on 2016-05-04
    We (at Oracle) are planning to buy ScriptRunner for JIRA Server version 6.4.13 (just upgraded). Right now, we are running ScriptRunner version 3.0.7 Could you please provide me a list of functions/methods/features in ScriptRunner 3.0.7 that is in-compatible with JIRA (server) 6.4.13. ? Appreciate the input and the time. We want to communicate to our JIRA users about this and the information that we are buying the newest version and the support from Adaptavist company. My call to +1 888-272-4233 for sales/consultant did not get answered; rather it went to a voice mail.
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    Hi Subbu,

    Apologies you went through to Voicemail. I've already responded to your support portal ticket and would be happy to talk if you still have questions.



    by Todd Alden on 2016-03-31
    Like the tool. Currently we only use it for one triggered script, but it works well for that. My complain, as others have, is with the new pricing. To go from free to 10+ % of the cost of JIRA Software is out of line with JIRA pricing (2750 for 2000 user). I also agree with others that the price tiers are very odd and counter to the pricing curves for any other plugin (or any other SW tool that I know of). License for 25 is $25, but license for 2000 is $2750??? Anyway I can buy 80 quantity of 25 user licenses and combine them to save $750? ;-)
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    by April on 2016-03-23
    ScriptRunner is quite possibly the most useful add-on ever written for JIRA Server. Scripted fields and listeners are awesome, but that's just part of the incredible usefulness of this app. For example, JIRA provides a basic field configuration, where a field is either always or never required. However, JIRA issues are living objects with a life cycle, such that information which is not known when they are created may be required knowledge later in a ticket's progression. Only ScriptRunner can require data entry at a point in time, or easily monitor aging tickets without installing some other add-in. Need to create a subtask or an issue in some other project based on that data? That's covered too. Similarly, JIRA standard perms can be set for the Resolved and Closed transitions, but these apply to all project users, and can't be configured for any other transitions. Only ScriptRunner can provide for mixed usage, by checking group membership when a transition is attempted. These functions are used in nearly every workflow we have. Speaking of functions, the additional search functions ScriptRunner adds to JIRA make this app worth buying even if you never use the other advanced features, like "linkedIssuesOf," "subtasksof," or "datecompare." The built-in administration/maintenance scripts make actions that would take hours or even days into a few minute's work. These scripts make it possible for a single person to support over 1,000 users. Lastly, ScriptRunner's support is simply OUTSTANDING. If you've every asked a question on Atlassian Answers, you are well aware that manay vendors never respond, or take days to notice your question. This team often answers in less than an hour! Bonus, the answers are super-helpful :)
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    Pricing details are loading…

    Paid-via-Atlassian pricing FAQ

    How does server add-on pricing work?

    Server products and add-ons are hosted on your servers. Licenses are perpetual and the purchase price include 12 months of maintenance (support and version updates).

    You can renew maintenance after 12 months at 50% of the current purchase price. You can upgrade the tier of your host product and add-on licenses at any time. Upgrade prices are calculated based on Atlassian's formula (view example).

    If add-on pricing changes after your initial purchase, there's a 60-day grandfathering period during which you can renew based on the old pricing.

    How do I determine my server pricing tier?

    For JIRA Server 7.0 or later, the add-on tier should match the maximum tier of the licensed JIRA applications on your instance. For example, if you're running JIRA Software (50 users) and JIRA Service Desk (10 agents) on the same instance, you should purchase the 50-user tier for add-ons.

    For versions of JIRA Server prior to 7.0, the add-on tier should match the licensed user tier for JIRA. Even if fewer users want to use the add-on than your JIRA license, the two licenses should match exactly.

    Do you offer academic, community, or open-source licenses?

    For server add-ons, purchase and renewal is half-price if you have an academic license for your Atlassian host application. Server add-ons are always free for community and open-source licenses. Cloud add-ons do not have discounted or free licenses.

    For more details about qualifying for special licenses, see here.

    Can I extend my free trial?

    For server add-ons, you can extend your add-on trial up to 5 times - in other words, for up to six months. Extend your trial by generating a new evaluation license key from Atlassian Marketplace. Click Try it free and you'll be directed to generate a new license. Paste this license key into the add-on listing in UPM from your Atlassian host application, and you're all set.

    How can I buy add-ons for my legacy JIRA Server or Confluence Server license?

    If you own a legacy JIRA Server Unlimited (100+ users) or Confluence Server Unlimited (2000+ users) license purchased in 2012 or earlier, legacy add-on pricing is no longer available. You have two options for add-on purchasing:

    • Purchase the add-on at the non-legacy Unlimited (10000+ users) tier.
    • Renew your JIRA or Confluence license at a non-legacy tier, then purchase the add-on at the same tier.

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    Adaptavist supports ScriptRunner for JIRA. You can visit the support site to get help.

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    Version 4.3.1 JIRA Server 7.0.0 - 7.1.7 Released 2016-05-20


    Version sync, transition options, bug fixes: http://bit.ly/1pm01z1


    See the full release notes at



    1. Log into your JIRA instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Atlassian Marketplace. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate ScriptRunner for JIRA via search. The appropriate add-on version appears in the search results.
    5. Click Try free to begin a new trial or Buy now to purchase a license for ScriptRunner for JIRA. You're prompted to log into MyAtlassian. ScriptRunner for JIRA begins to download.
    6. Enter your information and click Generate license when redirected to MyAtlassian.
    7. Click Apply license. If you're using an older version of UPM, you can copy and paste the license into your JIRA instance.

    To find older ScriptRunner for JIRA versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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