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    JIRA Service Desk
    This app is compatible with JIRA Service Desk.
    JIRA Service Desk
    This app is compatible with JIRA Service Desk.

    Calculate your JIRA Fields

    Calculate your JIRA Fields

    Dates, Durations and Execution plans.

    Field names just as you always see them.

    Executions plans

    With the refreshed look, we added date, durations calculators in addition to the numerical calculator. To control the calculators we added execution plans.

    Abacus allows you to easily select custom field names you already know. Using the @ symbol, you can discover custom fields in your JIRA that can be used in your calculations.

    You decide when and if any formula should run. You are in total control of your calculations.

    More details

    • Create complex formulas in JIRA.
    • Calculator supports exponential "^" and Modulus "%" operators in addition to standard +, -, / and * operators
    • Discover customs fields using @ symbol for your calculations.
    • Create unlimited formulas per project.
    • Increment fields and optionally set starting point, lower limit or upper limit.
    • Calculate dates
    • Calculate durations.
    • Formulate conditional executions.
    • Control execution of formulas using execution plan. Target specific issues using JQL and more.

    User reviews

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    by Zack Foster on 2017-04-18
    Summary: Nice app at a very affordable price that does exactly what it says. Great for project-based calculations. Have not found another app that can do field calcs in the JIRA On Demand environment. Suggestions: 1) Add Global control. When you have dozens of projects and you want to use the same roll-up across all of them, every project has to be configured individually. This is painful, particularly if the calculations are complicated (3+ fields). Recognizing it may not be possible to add controls at the Settings > Custom Fields level, one solution could be adding templates that allow copying of one or more formulas from project to project more easily. 2) Eliminate the reliance on Edit. When I add a new formula to a custom field, it will not automatically calculate even if the sum fields already have values (e.g., formula = A+B+C = custom field Z. Fields A, B, and C, already have values, but Z is still blank after adding the calc in Abacus). I have to edit the issue before the formula seems to take effect. 3) Add Read-only field support. It's confusing to the user being able to edit the destination field for my formula, even if the Abacus plugin eventually changes it back to the correct value. Please add support for the "Text Field (read only)" field type. Edit [3/30/17]: Have seen some temporary delays (15-20 minutes is longest reported so far) with the destination total field being updated after the source fields have data. Causes some confusion to users when the total does not update immediately. Edit [4/18/17]: RE: Delays, thanks for the response. Bulk edit actually works quite well; the changes are almost instantaneous. What I've seen are some calcs that simply never go through, no matter how long you wait. The only way to trigger a calc is to go in and manually change the Result field (e.g., to zero), update the issue, and then a few seconds later the calc actually works. Have not figured out the logic of why some issues calc fine from the get go, but others using the same calc in the same project require this follow up step.
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    Mumo Systems

    Thank you Zack. We appreciate the feed back.

    As for delays, are your users doing gigantic bulk edit of issues? If so, processing will not be instantaneous. Just like when you do a bulk edit in JIRA, it takes time to process each issue.

    #update 7/1/2017

    We discovered some client instances WebHook are delaying calling Abacus to do calculation. That is why there are some delays. We tested and verified this by turning on the WebHook on the said instance to call https://requestb.in. Our average response time is 110ms. Let Atlassian know that the WebHook in your instance is slow and they will take appropriate steps to fix the issue for your instance.

    by Shea Stone on 2016-12-13
    not tested; loaded plug-in, tried to view on project, and got a blank page.
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    Mumo Systems

    We would love to know what went wrong in your case and assist you if you could contact support. There are cases where if you have altered your JIRA permissions, our add-on and any other connect add-on cannot load. Or it could be a browser update that hide our plugin. In other words, causes could be many and our tests show the add-on to be working properly.

    by Mehdi Piraee on 2016-07-27
    Good product. It does what it says which is exactly what I needed and no other add-ons for Jira Cloud offer. It can be improved (especially the UI), but I understand that it's a new product and it's gonna take a while for the product to solidify. I had a problem with multiple formulas not working on the same project. I got a reply from Mumo Systems within half an hour of posting a request and was on a call with them in about an hour! In less than 1.5 hours after the call they provide me with a workaround so I can get going with my project with the promise to fix the bug for good.
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    Mumo Systems

    Happy to be of service!

    by Marcus Asmar on 2016-04-20
    The add-on shows up in the projects, but when you create a basic formula using addition etc, it does not calculate the totals. Nothing at all happens. We contacted their support, and received no response.
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    Mumo Systems

    Marcus, We apologize you never got a response. There is no ticket in our help desk from you. Please raise a an issue here and we will respond to you right away.


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    JIRA Cloud • Released 2017-08-21


    Minor version update


    • Reducing calls to Abacus from client.
    • Enhancement to the increment formula.


    1. Log into your JIRA instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Abacus.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your app.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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