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    by Miritec LLCfor JIRA Server 5.2.7 - 6.1.9
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    Personal issue timer for JIRA®

    When you start work on some issue, all you need is click on “Start timer” button and forgot about it. But when you want some coffee or have some important business call(or call from your mom) just don’t forgot to press “Stop timer” and do your stuff. At end of a day you will have a perfect timing for all issues you do. When you don’t need some timer anymore, log your work or press “Drop timer” button and timer will be deleted.

    As describer up, you can start timer for any issue you can see. Even if you don’t have any edit permission for this issue. This helps you to track time when you help your teammates. And you can log this time later, when you will have edit permission.

    When you need to switch fast from current task to new one, open new task page and start timer for this task. Previous active timer will be stopped automatically. When you finish urgent task just switch to previous task, click Start timer button and move on from paused state. At once you can have only one active timer.

    When you log time spent for task in any way, your personal timer for this task will be deleted automatically. That helps you to see time for last unlogged interval only and free you from any time calculating ever.

    If you don’t need timer for issue, press “Drop timer” button manually and confirm, that you want remove current timer value. IMPORTANT. “Drop timer” will not call any time logging actions in JIRA®. It just drop current timer data from system.

    From any JIRA® page you will have access to list of all your personal existing timers. Timers dropdown menu in JIRA® navigation bar will helps you for that. This menu contains all your personal existing timers with values. Currently active timer will have a green background. Else you can see there link with total number of existing counters, that forwards you to your JIRA® homepage, and “Clear all my timers” link, that will immediately drop all your timers data. IMPORTANT. “Clear all my timers” link simply call “Drop timer” action for ALL user timers, so any logging actions will be NOT called.

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    by Rob on 2015-03-17
    This plugin is well thought out and super helpful. I'm just hoping that it is updated to support >6.1.9.
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    by Jessica Coover on 2014-02-26
    Very useful! The simplicity is great. Easy to use. Would really like to see this plugin to have a configuration per project. As it is now, it is visible to all projects. It is difficult to get approval for the add-on to be installed in a large company with multiple project if the option is not available to be shown/hidden per project.
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    by Markus Korbel on 2014-01-24
    Would love to use this plugin but it doesn't work on Jira 6.1.5 with SQL Server datbase. The rest/ttrest/1/api/startTimer call throws the following exception: <status-code>500</status-code> <message> There was a SQL exception thrown by the Active Objects library: Database: - name:Microsoft SQL Server - version:11.00.3128 - minor version:0 - major version:11 Driver: - name:jTDS Type 4 JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server and Sybase - version:1.2.4 java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name 'true'. </message>
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    by Andy Ho on 2013-12-30
    Does exactly what I want it to do. Honestly, it's surprising that something like this isn't automatically built into JIRA, let alone integrating this to be able to automatically log work.
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    by Egor Molostov on 2013-10-17
    Very useful plugin! Is it possible to fill "Time spent" field with saved time when I press "Log Work" or "Resolve" on issue? It will be really great feature. Also timer doesn't stops automatically when I resolve or close issue.
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    Version 1.0 JIRA Server 5.2.7 - 6.1.9 Released 2013-09-23


    This is initial release


    1. Log into your JIRA instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate Personal issue timer for JIRA® via search. Results include app versions compatible with your JIRA instance.
    5. Click Install to download and install your app.
    6. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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