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JIRA PDF View Plugin

by Midori Global Consulting Kft. for JIRA Server 6.4 - 6.4.2 and more versions
Versions available for JIRA Server 3.1 - 6.3.15
Midori Global Consulting Kft. supports this add-on.

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    Customizable PDF export for JIRA: issue lists, dashboards, timesheets, invoices, Release Notes, story cards & custom documents

    Powerful PDF templates out-of-the-box

    Easily export every issue detail to PDF

    Simply customize PDF content, look and logic

    Issue exports, timesheets, invoices, Burn Down chart, Gantt chart, Requirement Specifications, Release Notes, Traceability Matrix, Status Report, agile story cards, custom reports & your own document types.

    ☛ Sample PDFs

    All fields, parent issues and subtasks, comments, attachments (even embedded in PDF!), images, issue links, versions, sprints, components, change history, stories, Tempo worklogs, Service Desk SLAs.

    ☛ How does it work?

    Merge your data into document templates to share, print, email, archive and report JIRA issues.

    Display charts, integrate with databases and APIs, process issues with scripts.

    Generate PDFs in workflows and automations!

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    User reviews

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    by Art Osgatharp on 03 Nov 2014
    We were using the JIRA Word export as a poor way of producing reports. This PDF plugin enables us to produce professionally-formatted reports, with colored fonts, color-shaded table cells, etc. That would be good in itself, but the report templates and scripting capability enable us to invoke predefined filters and to substitute values to represent data conditions. For example, using #if statements we can test one or more conditions of the data and put an X in a report checklist if those conditions have been met. Our clients are impressed with the result. We needed help with the filtering function and Support responded very quickly to our needs. Thanks for a great product and great support!
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    by Kennie Nugroho on 23 Apr 2015
    We're implementing this plugin at one of our customers to create custom check list templates. This plugin helped greatly as using the basic JIRA export will override the default entries every time they tried to export. Thanks for the great help!
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    by Karl FURGEROT on 21 Apr 2015
    I have tested this plugin to create Release notes export for our customers. The basic release note delivered by JIRA was not enough detailed for us but with this plugin we can now offers a real release note of our products. It is so easy to customize the report in order to fit your corporate identity guidelines. This plugin is the must have to make real PDF export. Thank you for this necessary product, good job :)
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    by Michael Katica on 14 Apr 2015
    We have been using the Jira PDF view plugin to generate progress reports for in-development projects. The built-in templates are a great starting point for reports, and we have built off of those for almost all of our reports. The scripting is really helpful, allowing us to generate custom logic, and handle otherwise complex tasks in a very simple manner, and allow us to create comprehensive reports on our projects. Charting support is also very handy. The plugin is great, along with exceptional customer service and support.
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    by Robert Caplan on 27 Mar 2015
    I love JIRA as an Issue tracking system but its build in functionality for generating Issues lists for clients & management is very limited. For several months after adopting Jira I would spend a long time exporting to Excel and adjusting formatting - now I can do the same thing using the PDF-View Plugin in seconds. PDF-View Plug-in is a great time-saving tool that I would highly recommend for all Jira users.
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    More details

    JIRA PDF View Plugin exports JIRA issues to PDF documents, to share, print, email, archive and report issues in the portable business document file format.


    Several PDF templates are available immediately after installation. Use them as is, customize them, or leverage them as starting point for building your own templates. Customize the content and look, and the data integration / processing logic with virtually no limitations.

    PDF file samples:

    Tip: easy document exporting in automations and workflows (PDF API)!

    — Need some help? https://midori.zendesk.com/

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    Midori Support Desk supports JIRA PDF View Plugin. You can visit the support site to get help.

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    Release notes

    version 3.6.0JIRA Server 6.4 - 6.4.2

    This version is simply a compatibility release for the JIRA 6.4 line.


    1. Log into your JIRA instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate JIRA PDF View Plugin via search. Results include add-on versions compatible with your JIRA instance.
    5. Click Install to download and install your add-on.
    6. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

    To find older JIRA PDF View Plugin versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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