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    Your team's scheduling assistant robot. Just ask for a meeting, and Meekan will match everyone's calendars for the optimal time

    Your team's scheduling assistant robot. Just ask for a meeting, and Meekan will match everyone's calendars for the optimal time

    Schedule in seconds

    Cross time zones

    Locate and book a room

    Ask Meekan for a new meeting in plain english: "Meekan, we need a quick phone call tomorrow" ... Meekan finds the best options. Just pick your favorite and you’re good to go. Meekan will sync everyone's calendars.

    Your team is spread across multiple time zones? No problem. Meekan calculates the optimal times for everyone to meet, so that no one has to stay late, or wake up before sunrise.

    Just say "add a room", and let the robot look up all available conference rooms, and book one for your meeting

    More details

    Meekan the robot assistant can do any of these tasks, all without leaving Hipchat or switching apps to check your calendar:

    • Match and sync everyone's calendars to find the best time for any group to have a meeting
    • Add a room to your meeting - Meekan will search all available conference room to match your meeting, and book one for you
    • Take care of time zones and work hours, and calculate the most comfortable time for everyone
    • Reschedule meetings to a new time when someone can’t make it
    • Edit or cancel existing meetings
    • Tell you how busy you are tomorrow (or Thursday, or next week), and give you a list of all the meetings you have (which you can cancel, or reschedule or, well you get the point)
    • Warn you when two of your meetings overlap on the same time, and offer to move or cancel either

    Meekan is already used by thousands of teams worldwide to schedule perfect meetings!Installing on your own Server? Use this descriptor URL:

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    by Lior Yavor on 2015-09-19
    Best Scheduling Robot!!
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    HipChat Cloud Released 2015-12-24


    Working even better than before!


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