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    Get notified of your team's Intercom inbox activity in your Hipchat rooms

    Get notified of your team's Intercom inbox activity in your Hipchat rooms

    Never miss a conversation

    Get notified about what's relevant to your team

    Set up in minutes

    Make sure you never miss a message and keep your teams in sync with notifications on your Intercom inbox activity in your rooms - such as when a conversation is started, replied to, assigned and more.

    Customize exactly what to be notified about in which Hipchat rooms so you only see what's relevant to you. As well as conversation activity, you can also be notified about new companies and leads.

    Set up is easy - connect Intercom to Hipchat in just a few clicks. This add on works with any Intercom subscription including the free Platform - learn more at

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    Intercom makes it easy to communicate with your customers personally, at scale.

    Designed to feel like the messaging apps you use every day, Intercom lets you talk to consumers almost anywhere: inside your app, on your website, across social media and via email.

    Intercom offers 3 solutions:

    Customer support - Solve customer support questions faster with an integrated help desk and knowledge base.

    Live chat - answer questions faster with modern live chat to help support and sell

    Onboarding & retention - send targeted in-app and email messages to onboard, upsell and retain customers.

    All of Intercom's products are built on top of the free Intercom platform.

    Today, more than 17,000 businesses use Intercom to connect with a billion people worldwide.

    For support or questions, message us via the messenger at

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    Hipchat Cloud Released 2015-09-30


    Automated migration to the Atlassian Marketplace


    • Log in to your Intercom account and got to the Integrations Hub.
    • Select ‘Integrate’ on the HipChat option and follow the instructions provided.
    • You'll be asked to input your Hipchat admin API token which you can create from your app’s admin page. Make sure you create an admin API key and not a notification API key.
    • Select which notifications you’d like to receive and where you’d like to receive them. When you’re happy with your selection, click ‘Complete integration.’
    • After you’ve integrated your HipChat account with Intercom, you can setup notifications for additional rooms if you need to. Just click ‘Manage’ next to HipChat in the Integrations Hub, select ‘Add more rooms’ and follow the instructions provided. You can also find setup instructions on our docs site.

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