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    Record your screen and voice. Share instantly to HipChat. More context and faster issue reproduction than screenshots

    Record your screen and voice. Share instantly to HipChat. More context and faster issue reproduction than screenshots

    Create and Share Screen Video Recordings Easily

    Improve Communication, Faster Than Screenshots

    Faster Time To Resolve Issues

    HYFY lets users record their screen and voice to create better bug reports, reproduction steps, and demos. Capture video of a browser tab, full screen, or any window then share recordings into any HipChat room with ease.

    Each recording includes high-resolution video along with voice and mouse movement, replacing dozens of screenshots. Copy and paste a link or share directly to any HipChat room or individual team member.

    HYFY screen recordings are a better way to illustrate bugs, communicate requests, or demonstrate reproduction cases. HipChat keeps track of every HYFY video shared in each room so you can reuse them to collaborate.

    More details

    HYFY screen recordings in HipChat help developers, designers, testers and the entire team communicate better and resolve every issue faster than ever before.

    Start high-resolution recordings of screen, voice, and mouse pointer from the browser and share to any HipChat room or individual team member.

    Key features:

    • One click recording
    • Direct sharing to HipChat or JIRA
    • Keep videos private with customized security
    • Viewers can watch videos on any device with nothing to install

    With HYFY:

    • Create perfect bug reports with high-resolution reproduction steps
    • QA teams and testers save time with faster defect capture and share
    • Support staff can reproduce, debug, and resolve issues faster
    • Developers can demo features or view bug reports faster (less meetings!)
    • Designers can provide details around designs with clarity and context
    • Trainers can quickly build out a reusable lesson library

    Visit to try the HYFY Screen Recorder Chrome extension FREE for 30 days.

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    by Seth Krauss on 2016-10-12
    With HipChat and HyFy, we share rich videos amongst our teams instantaneously. Such a powerful way to collaborate across distributed teams!
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    by Brian Rauch on 2016-10-12
    Very powerful tool that is super simple to use with fantastic integrations - go HYFY!
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    HipChat Cloud Released 2016-10-24


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