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    Record your screen and voice. Share to HipChat instantly

    Record your screen and voice. Share to HipChat instantly

    Step 1: Download the HYFY Chrome Extension

    Step 2: Share with your team

    Step 3: Integrate with HipChat

    HYFY operates as a lightweight Chrome Extension. Once you install, you'll be able to access your library and share videos with anyone.

    After you record your video, a link is automatically generated and copied to your clipboard. Simply paste that link anywhere you wish to share your HYFY video.

    Want tighter integration? Ask your administrator to install HYFY. Not sure if it's in there already? Check your integrations in the room settings menu.

    More details

    HYFY is the easiest way to record your screen and voice in the Chrome browser.

    With simple, one-touch recording, HYFY eliminates long emails and cumbersome annotated screenshots to make you and everyone on your team more productive. Best of all, the people you share your videos with don't even need HYFY.

    Out-of-the-box integration with HipChat, and other products, means you can embed HYFY videos into your existing workstreams right away without the need for complex hosting or transcoding headaches.

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    Kickdrum Technology Group LLC supports HYFY Screen Recorder for HipChat. You can ask a support question via Atlassian Answers to get help.

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    HipChat Cloud Released 2016-08-02


    Required scopes changed


    Required scopes changed:

    • Removed: admin_room


    Click on Get it now to be redirected to your HipChat instance to install this add-on. Then follow on-screen instructions. If your add-on can only be installed by an administrator, you will see a prompt. Otherwise, choose a room you own to install the add-on.

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