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    With HappyFox and JIRA integration, get your dev & support teams work in sync by linking your development tasks to support tickets

    With HappyFox and JIRA integration, get your dev & support teams work in sync by linking your development tasks to support tickets

    Integration with HappyFox tickets

    Sync comments from JIRA

    Create JIRA task from HappyFox

    View a section in HappyFox ticket details page with information on related tasks, from JIRA. The information displayed includes standard task related fields and custom fields, if any.

    Comments from JIRA task corresponding to tickets will be synced with HappyFox tickets. The update is shown as a "JIRA Update" with the blue band (JIRA sync) indicating that the update comes from JIRA.

    Click on the "add new" link and this will open a facebox with details like Project name, issue type, custom fields etc from your JIRA account. HappyFox also provides the options to sync comments from JIRA.

    More details

    • When your development team updates their task on JIRA, your support team will view the update on the linked HappyFox ticket, to provide status to the customer.
    • Vice versa, any interaction between support team and the customer will show on the JIRA task for the development team to take it up accordingly. This allows for faster bug-fixing, easier supporting and absolutely no loss of information between teams.

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    Version 1.0.0 JIRA Server 4.0 - 6.1.9 Released 2013-12-16


    Two-way integration between HappyFox and JIRA


    New in this release

    View JIRA information on HappyFox

    Create JIRA task from HappyFox ticket

    Sync JIRA comments into HappyFox tickets


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