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    Create Bitbucket issues from Sentry

    Create Bitbucket issues from Sentry

    Bitbucket Issues

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    Link production errors to Bitbucket issues with a single click. Give your team the context they need, beyond the enigmatic “ValueError” title.

    Configure Bitbucket Pipelines to notify Sentry of new releases. Minify your JavaScript? Source maps not publicly available? No problem. Upload them as part of your pipeline.

    Keep your team in sync no matter where they are. Sentry annotates and keeps references to associated Bitbucket issues.

    More details

    Sentry provides real-time error tracking for your web apps, mobile apps, and games, which gives you insight while you deploy live code and the information you need to reproduce and fix crashes—before your users contact you.

    Installing this integration will allow you to pull Sentry data into your Bitbucket issue tracker, as well as publish release information and artifacts using Bitbucket Pipelines.

    It is also independently available for on-premise Sentry installations. For more information, refer to the plugin repository on GitHub

    Need help? Visit the Sentry support page for more information about where to find answers.

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    by Mark P on 2016-10-08
    Sentry for Bitbucket makes it easy for me to create Bitbucket issues out of errors and exceptions in my PHP app. It helps me keep all the stuff that needs fixing in one place so that I don't have to sift through a bunch of errors that might not be pressing. It's just one of the ways that Sentry helps me keep my app running smoothly :-)
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    by Yoran Brondsema on 2016-10-07
    Nice little productivity tool that saves us just that minute of manually creating a BitBucket issue, copy-pasting the URL from Sentry and copy-pasting the stacktrace. It's not much time but do that a few times a week and it adds up.
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    Sentry supports Sentry for Bitbucket Issues. You can ask a support question in the user forum.

    Check out the user forum


    Bitbucket Cloud Released 2016-04-14


    Initial release


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