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    Simple and lightweight ToDo list - no configuration required to start

    Simple and lightweight ToDo list - no configuration required to start

    Add checklist items

    Edit and reorder items

    Search for checklist items

    Add new ToDo items to the issue super easily - just type the name, press Enter and enjoy.

    Mouse over an item to see reorder handler, icons for edit/remove actions and tooltip with last change owner/time.

    Get use of JQL to search for issues with still active items, number of items in issue or items text.

    More details

    Issue Checklist add-on allows users to add simple ToDo list to an issue and watch the progress when succeeding items from the list are completed.

    Simple and polished UI makes it a natural extension of JIRA issue page.

    There is no configuration required to start - just install, open an issue page and enjoy.

    Support for JQL makes it possible to search for issues with not completed ToDo items or search for item text.

    Other features:

    • Reordering checklist items with drag & drop
    • Time and author of last item change available in tooltip
    • Issue keys and urls in item text displayed as links
    • Save checklist (ToDo list) as a template
    • Load checklist from a template
    • Load/apply default checklist on issue create (each project can have its own default checklist)
    • Block issue resolving (or other transition) if not all checklists items are completed

    Please direct bug reports and feature requests to support@gebsun.com

    User reviews

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    by Wesley Overdijk on 2016-08-25
    Would be nice if we could make multiple checklists, and name them.
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    Gebsun Support

    Hi Wesley,

    Have you tried to add separator between checklist items? You can do that with additional button when you type checklist item name or simply add three dash prefix (---) to the item name. It adds very nice horizontal line with a title that visually separates checklists items.

    Please reach us directly through email for any suggestions.


    by Tomek Marona on 2016-03-25
    This is missing element in jira core and it works fine except permissions that have to be adjusted specifically to make it work (currently). The support team is super helpful and seems like the feature changes are smooth, well sorted.
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    by Adam Parkin on 2016-03-09
    Pros: Does the job well, works as expected. Cons: at $5/month for 10 users, is very overpriced. $5/month is half the price of JIRA itself for us!
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    Gebsun Support


    $5 is the minimum price that can be set for Cloud add-on. We simply cannot make it cheaper. It is Atlassian Marketplace limitation.

    Regards, Gebsun

    by Markos Giannopoulos on 2016-03-09
    A feature missing from the Jira core! Works great, the template function is quite welcome. Only one small drawback, the checklist is on the right side of the view page of an issue, it would fit best under the description, on the main part of the page.
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    Gebsun Support

    Hi Markos,

    It is technically not possible to add/render checklist next to the description. Atlassian Connect framework does not allow for that.

    The only thing we can do is to add checklist as a tab, next to "Comments". The view will be much wider but it won't be visible all the time (only when tab selected). Is this something you would like to use? Let us know at support(at)gebsun(dot)com.

    Cheers, Gebsun

    by James Naylor on 2016-02-25
    Fantastic idea - great execution. When will we get the ability to create checklists on issue creation? Or on any transition via post function? Would be very, very useful! Like others, I'd be happy to pay for this.
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    Gebsun Support

    Hi James,

    Adding checklist automatically on issue creation is our next high priority issue. Stay tuned.

    Update: It is now possible to set default checklist template for a project so all newly created issues in that project get the checklist automatically.

    Regards, Gebsun


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    JIRA Cloud Released 2016-09-01


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    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new add-ons screen loads.
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