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    Pipe all updates to your public or private status page into HipChat

    Pipe all updates to your public or private status page into HipChat

    Pipe Status Updates Directly Into HipChat

    View Status History Within HipChat (Coming Soon)

    Discuss Recent Updates (Coming Soon)

    Keep your whole company informed during downtime with automatic status updates sent directly into designated rooms. StatusPage will also attach helpful metadata using HipChat’s new Activity and Application Cards.

    Through HipChat Connect, StatusPage is able to display the full context of your status page inside of HipChat. View the entire incident lifecycle without ever leaving chat.

    Use HipChat's new Discuss feature to pipe an incident card back into a room for quick communication without having to scroll back through history or refer to a past update.

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    "StatusPage's HipChat integration is by far the best way to keep our team updated when we're dealing with trouble. Things can get hectic at these times and it's great having the notifications in our room where they will not be missed." - Garret Heaton, Co-founder of Hipchat

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    Atlassian supports StatusPage. You can visit the support site to get help.

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    HipChat Cloud Released 2015-12-01


    Minor version update


    Minor version update


    Click on Get it now to be redirected to your HipChat instance to install this add-on. Then follow on-screen instructions. If your add-on can only be installed by an administrator, you will see a prompt. Otherwise, choose a room you own to install the add-on.

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