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    by Daticalfor Bamboo Server 5.5.1
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    Access Datical DB's powerful DB Change Management capabilities directly from Bamboo

    Access Datical DB's powerful DB Change Management capabilities directly from Bamboo

    Forecast the impact of changes before you deploy

    Compare schemas to get your environments in sync

    Automatic rollback logic generation

    Forecast evaluates changes to be executed and how those changes will impact your data, so if there are deployment issues that need to be addressed, they can be handled when everyone is in the office.

    Compare Databases enables you to compare two database schemas to identify change and easily move it to your Change Log. You can also use a series of wizards to create the XML for you. It’s just that easy.

    Rollback capabilities ranging from simple to advanced, Datical DB gives you the ability to specify the manner in which you rollback.

    More details

    Datical accelerates database application development and schema change management across the software development life cycle for organizations that practice Agile or DevOps. While there has been a proliferation of application lifecycle management tools to help teams develop and deliver application code faster, innovations for the database have lagged behind, creating a bottleneck in the develop-test-deploy process. Datical uniquely solves this problem by managing database changes in step with the application code as they are promoted through environments, eliminating the need to track and manage SQL scripts.

    Datical’s flagship product, Datical DB, is built upon the leading open source solution for database versioning and source control, extending Liquibase to achieve enterprise level scalability, reliability, traceability, and ease of use.

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    Version 1.0-SNAPSHOT Bamboo Server 5.5.1 Released 2014-06-20


    Core Datical DB feature set







    1. Download DaticalDB4Bamboo. The add-on is downloaded as a JAR file.
    2. Shutdown your Bamboo instance.
    3. Copy DaticalDB4Bamboo file into your Bamboo installation directory under /WEB-INF/lib/.Add-ons using the Plugins 1 framework can't be installed in Universal Plugin Manager. See our documentation for more information.
    4. Start your Bamboo instance.
    5. You're all set!

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