Turn quality alerts into tickets with just one click

Turn quality alerts into tickets with just one click

Start fixing with just one click

Track progress over time

Raise the visibility of code quality

Our JIRA integration lets you turn issues flagged in Code Climate into JIRA issues with just one click, so you can start fixing sooner and ship better code, faster.

See the impact you’re having on your codebase. Code Climate tracks changes in quality over time, letting you identify trends and turn “point in time” analysis into a living, changing metric.

Code Climate quantifies the issues in your code, summarizes the changes, and gives you the data you need to demonstrate the importance of code quality.

More details

Code Climate is automated code review for software development teams, analyzing every commit, branch and pull request for test coverage, complexity, duplication, security, style, and more.

Code Climate analyzes over 2 billion lines of code daily, across 22 languages and frameworks. Our open and extensible platform lets you take advantage of the best static analysis tooling whether it’s custom made or open source.

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JIRA Cloud Released 2016-05-06


Code Climate for JIRA


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