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    Monitor the user impact of application errors and improve your code quality using Bugsnag with Bitbucket

    Monitor the user impact of application errors and improve your code quality using Bugsnag with Bitbucket

    Capture application errors & diagnostic data

    View source code & track release health

    Track your bugs in Bitbucket and Bugsnag

    Bugsnag automatically captures run-time errors & detailed diagnostic data including details on affected users. Root-cause grouping and powerful filtering make it easy to identify and fix bugs having the greatest impact.

    Bugsnag tracks errors per deploys and releases, so you can track error rates related to code changes. When errors are found, click through to the underlying source code or diffs.

    Auto-create linked Bitbucket issues from errors, and track your progress as you work to fix. Whether in Bugsnag or Bitbucket, you can track the state of every bug.

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    Bugsnag’s open source SDK libraries support over 20 languages and frameworks to provide error monitoring and alerting with just a few lines of code. Used by Square, Cisco, Slack and over 3,200 organizations.

    Integrate Source Code

    • Source code of errors are shown with the error for many languages
    • Easy click through to your Bitbucket source code for all languages and frameworks

    Track Release Health & Deploys with Bitbucket Pipelines

    • Visual track release health, instantly see which errors were introduced and how your users are impacted
    • Deploy annotations link to code diffs so you can see what code changed

    Bitbucket Issues

    • Automatically or manually create Bitbucket issues from errors
    • Transitioning the state of an error to in either system is synchronized to the other so your bug status is always up to date
    • Error regressions are automatically detected by Bugsnag and the original Bitbucket issue is reopened
    • Comments left on the error in Bugsnag are added to the Bitbucket issue

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    Bitbucket Cloud Released 2016-09-19


    Initial release on Marketplace


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