Create O RLY Parody Book Covers

Create O RLY Parody Book Covers

Enter a Title

Select an Animal

Choose a Color

Make up a title, define an author and optionally add a top text and a guide text.

Choose from a selection of 40 images. Pick one that fits the theme.

Choose your favorite from 17 different colors.

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Create parody O RLY covers as you know it from but right within HipChat.

Credits to @ThePracticalDev and @AModelEngineer for the idea and the cover generator.

User reviews

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by Todd Ogin on 2017-02-02
What is a "glance in the sidebar"? This is all I see:
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by Guido van Helvoort on 2017-01-05
Doesn't show up in the sidebar in hipchat for mac
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by Jake Garrido on 2016-05-03
Can't figure out how to get it to work, and there's no Configuration or Options anywhere I can find.
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Atlassian Labs

You need a 4.x client of HipChat that supports our new UI integrations. After installation, you will notice a 'Create O RLY Cover' glance in the sidebar that takes you to the cover editor.


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HipChat Cloud Released 2016-04-28


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