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    by Kvipufor JIRA Server 4.0 - 6.4.14
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    Simple Windows desktop app for time tracking (worklog posting) using issue info from browser

    Simple Windows desktop app for time tracking (worklog posting) using issue info from browser

    Minimal size

    Detects idle time

    Detects issue from browser

    Since window is allways visible on top size is optimized as to take the least amount of space on screen and allow normal work with other software.

    Idle time is detected and you can choose appropriate action.

    No need to enter or select an issue. Just browse to it and start timing.

    More details


    • simple to setup and use
    • small and always visible and accessible
    • automatically gets issue number from open Jira issue opened in your browser (Chrome, Firefox and IE supported)
    • application detects idle time and you can apply it to current issue, ignore it or post it to another issue worklog
    • going with mouse over the issue displays the whole issue title in a hint
    • double click on issue copies the issue number to clipboard
    • drag&drop style moving around screen, snaps to edges

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    by Franz Barker on 2015-01-20
    I find it interesting that "This add-on is sold by a third-party vendor." but I can not locate the price for this plugin.
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    You can either click on Purchase and you get to the purchase site where prices are listed or you can see it on the homepage: http://www.kvipu.com/JiraTimeLogger/
    by Martin Cleaver [Blended Perspectives] on 2014-03-15
    Good idea, but only works on Windows, so I have not tried it. Marketplace forces me to rate, so I'll assume 3/4.
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    This add-on is sold by a third-party vendor.

    Let us know that you'd like to manage this add-on's billing on your Atlassian invoice.

    Paid-via-vendor pricing FAQ

    What does 'paid-via-vendor' mean?

    Paid-via-vendor add-ons are licensed and purchased directly through the vendor who makes this add-on.

    Payment for paid-via-vendor add-ons is not handled by Atlassian.

    Will paid-via-vendor transactions be on my Atlassian invoice?

    Paid-via-vendor transactions are not managed by Atlassian. This means transactions for paid-via-vendor add-ons will not be on your Atlassian invoice.


    Kvipu supports Time Logger for JIRA. You can ask a support question via Atlassian Answers to get help.

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    Version 1.0.1 JIRA Server 4.0 - 6.4.14 Released 2014-10-22


    Bugfix release


    Fixes some registration code issues

    Minor interface update

    Installer update


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