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    Capture and Track Your Application's Exceptions in 3 Minutes

    Capture and Track Your Application's Exceptions in 3 Minutes

    Create detailed Jira stories with one click.

    Email notifications

    View your errors on the go

    Airbrake offers one-click story integration to help speed up time to resolve an exception reported in Airbrake.

    Get instantly notified of any exceptions in your project. Simply drop in your language notifier and you'll get instantly notified.

    Our mobile apps let you view all exceptions in your project, avaible on Android and iOS comming soon.

    More details

    Airbrake is the leading bug tracking software that provides error tracking for +50,000 web and mobile developers including big companies like Zendesk, Oracle and Groupon, and support 18 programming languages including PHP, Python, Java, .net and Ruby.

    Airbrake helps web and mobile developers building better software by providing detailed reports of errors, bugs, exceptions and issues, including how many times the they occur.

    In addition, Airbrake helps identifying the reason behind that error by pointing to the bit of code that was responsible, allowing you to recreate error for rapid debugging and eventually helps the developers fixing the software bugs before the users face them!

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    by Ray Patser on 2015-06-30
    We tried Airbrake in our bug tracking team, however we simply went back to only using JIRA since it hasn't given us any additional value. Might re-evaluate it in the near future though.
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    Version 3 JIRA Server 4.0 - 6.3.15 Released 2014-09-23


    Version 3


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