Atlassian Connector for Eclipse

by Atlassian Labs for multiple products
JIRA Server 5.0 - 6.4.11
Bamboo Server 2.2.4 - 5.8.2
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This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.
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    Atlassian Labs Connector for Eclipse allows you to work with the Atlassian products right within your IDE

    List selected JIRA issues

    Edit JIRA issue in editor

    List selected Bamboo builds

    Create a filter and list selected JIRA issues in Mylyn "Task List" view.

    Open JIRA issue in editor for more details and update if necessary.

    Most custom fields and custom transitions are supported.

    Create a filter and list selected Bamboo builds in dedicated view.

    It is possible to get test result details, jump to local source from failed build stacktrace, run build or open in web browser with just one click.

    User reviews

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    by Philippe Busque on 2014-01-15
    No crucible support, which make no sense. Some people work by reviewing their code BEFORE committing it. Having to manually do all the steps rather than just do a single step submit from Eclipse is a boon for productivity. This lack of integration in IDE like Eclipse is a dissuasive argument against Crucible.
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    by Gretchen on 2013-09-12
    For what it's worth, here: they do reference specifically that the Atlassian plugin supports Crucible. This site lists the specific eclipse versions (and all Mylyn connectors) for each of the Atlassian tools. Note that there appears to be more information on that page about the connectors for Bamboo, Crucible, and Fisheye than there is on this page and the vendor site linked page. I gave 3 stars because I had to rate, not because I have any first hand knowledge of the add-on.
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    by Pal Vojacsek on 2013-04-08
    No crucible support...
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    by Khaled Hussein on 2013-01-14
    WHERE IS Crucible SUPPORT??
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    by Petri Sirkkala on 2012-10-24
    This plugin is still #1 in Google search for "Eclipse Crucible Plugin".
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    More details

    Atlassian Connector for Eclipse allows to see relevant JIRA issues and Bamboo build information right within Eclipse.

    Atlassian Connector for Eclipse is designed to be installed as a plugin for Eclipse (do not try to install it in the JIRA or Bamboo).

    This product is open source and is not maintained by Atlassian. Read more about our decision here:

    Feel free to fork the repository and make changes.

    Free add-on FAQ

    Good news! This add-on is free.


    Atlassian Connector for Eclipse isn't formally supported.

    Release notes

    Version 3.2.5 JIRA Server 5.0 - 6.4.11,
    Bamboo Server 2.2.4 - 5.8.2
    Released 2015-04-27


    Bug fixing


    Fixes for offline installation:


    See this add-on's documentation for more information.

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