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    Statistics to measure engagement of your team and company

    Statistics to measure engagement of your team and company

    Track views & activity

    Designed for everyone

    Clean & effective spaces

    See activity across all pages, blogs and attachments. Now you can know how engaging your latest blog is and if the team has read your meeting agenda.

    The data is just a click away and easy to understand with simple charts and comprehensive tables. No setup, no macros and no expertise required.

    Views activity helps identify content that's no longer needed or not easily found. Now you can measure the impact of your changes and be confident removing stale content.

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    NEW: Analytics can now also connect with Google Analytics.

    Rated in Top 5 List of New Add-ons for Confluence by StiltSoft.

    Analytics for Confluence Cloud is the only full analytics solution available for Confluence Cloud. Let new insights help everyone create more engaging content, increase accountability and keep your spaces organised and effective.

    Analytics is provided on:

    • View, create and update activity on pages and blogs
    • Comments (including inline comments)
    • Attachment views

    The reports include:

    • Space level overview with:
      • Most popular content
      • Most active readers and contributors
      • Table of details for content and users
    • Page level view revealing views by individual users
    • Quick page summary available on each page

    Good Software Co. is trusted by great customers including Docker, MSD New Zealand Government and Mobify.

    User reviews

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    by Stephen Benny on 2017-03-21
    This analytics platform fills a huge gap for our organization. We use Confluence as our social e-learning platform for our sales arm and it's always important to understand what materials are being read and those that need to be updated. Good Software Co. has been very receptive to my feedback and their support is superior. I would recommend this application hands down for organizations that use their confluence platform as a education tool for their staff.
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    by Niel Cody on 2017-02-24
    Good feature with some value but not at the current price point
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    by Krys Bromek on 2016-12-16
    The analytics work per page., as describe there, but a lack of being able to centrally poll the pages for their usage makes it not that useful. Apparently there is something in the pipeline to do that - that may well be the answer to make this a useful tool.. My previous review was low - that was because there is a problem with uninstalling - turns out i is an Atlassian bug - very annoying! https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/UPM-5526
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    Good Software Co.

    Based on feedback like yours we recently launched analytics at a space level. Now you can easily measure engagement from one place for all content and users within a space and as desired zoom in on a single page to see who has viewed it. Space analytics includes both a high level overview and tables with stats on each page and user.

    Thanks again for leaving a review Krys!

    by Dan on 2016-11-30
    The Analytics worked well; all new and existing pages included analytics once the software was installed, and the team quickly replied to any questions. Additionally, the team allowed us to preview an early version of the Space Analytics feature. The Space Analytics allows for a central location to see a report for all pages. With this report, I can restructure my wiki if pages aren't seen, or I can publicize the pages better. Finally, the Space Analytics allows me to remove myself from the data (I skew the data) and export to an Excel sheet allowing tremendous flexibility and power for understanding how I'm presenting content to my users.
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    by Derek Haller on 2016-11-18
    Does exactly what it describes. We had to ultimately deactivate due to cost, but if you can afford it, solid add-on.
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    Confluence Cloud Released 2017-05-23


    Added analytics at an instance level to view activity across all of Confluence


    This month we've made some huge improvements to Analytics:

    • Added analytics at the instance level to get a view across all spaces
    • Added global permission settings to better control who can use analytics
    • Improved the performance and load time on all pages
    • Names of unlicensed and deactivated users are now shown

    We've also built the first pieces of analytics at a user level so you can gain insight into how people are navigating Confluence. To get early access to user analytics just send an email to beta@goodsoftware.co and say hello.


    1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Analytics for Confluence Cloud.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your add-on.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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