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    for Confluence Server 5.6 - 6.3.3 and more versions
    Versions available for Confluence Server 3.1 - 4.2.1
    Confluence Server 5.0.2 - 5.5.7
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    Attachment Download provides a fix URL for your attachments that doesnt change & respects permissions you've set in Confluence

    Attachment Download provides a fix URL for your attachments that doesnt change & respects permissions you've set in Confluence

    Attachment Download configuration

    Provides a fixed URL for your image attachments

    Provides a fixed URL for your text attachments

    Specify the spaces which users can download attachments from without logging in, and the user it should be accessed as if they arent already logged in.

    You can use provide the URL to your image attachments on a Confluence Page, which will navigate you to the image preview directly.

    You can use provide the URL to your text attachments on a Confluence Page, which will download the attachment directly.

    More details

    Confluence Attachment Download features & benefits.

    Using this Add-on prevents problems with URLs to attachments changing even when the page title and attachment filename remain the same. This can happen when you restore a Confluence backup, or when moving content from a staging environment to your production environment.

    The other main use is to provide URLs to attachments that don’t break when a user is not logged in to Confluence, such as when you preview a page in an email update or on your Confluence login page.

    • Provides a fixed URL for your attachments
    • Respects the permissions you’ve set in Confluence.

    User reviews

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    by sophia_lin@richtek.com on 2016-04-25
    We want to trace users' attachment download activity. If user access logging is enabled following: https://confluence.atlassian.com/confkb/how-to-enable-user-access-logging-182943.html, and if we use Attachment Download add-on to let one attachment with one URL, could we successfully trace each web page's attachment download activity (i.e. which attachment downloaded by whom at when) ?
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    Hi Sophia,

    My name is Rafael Franco and I'm the Tech Lead of the Product Team here at Adaptavist. Thanks for your interest and review on Attachment Download.

    Regarding your question, I assume it would work fine since you're accessing Confluence thus it would register the IP address of the anonymous user.



    by Florentin Elsaesser on 2015-04-21
    Unfortanetly not working with Atlassian Confluence 5.7.1
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    Hi Florentin,

    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with this add-on. Attachment Download version 2.2 is compatible with Confluence 5.5-5.7.x and no longer requires licensing via our Plugin Licensing Manager add-on.

    In order to assist you with any issues you are facing, could I ask you to please raise a support issue using our contact form http://www.adaptavist.com/w/about/contact-us/ and our support team will be happy to investigate the issue and help resolve it.

    Thank you,

    Adaptavist Product Team
    by Boris Senker on 2014-11-12
    Would give it 4 stars if it wasn't for extremely slow releases of new versions compatible with Conluence builds. Confluence 5.6 is out for quite a long time, why can't the plugin be updated already?
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    Hi Boris,
    The Attachment Downloads add-on is now available for Confluence 5.6-5.7.

    Adaptavist Product Team
    by Kay Brown on 2014-05-06
    Will this plugin be compatible for Confluence 5.4 soon? Thanks, Kay
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    Hi Kay,
    Thanks for great rating! Attachment Download add-on compatibility with Confluence 5.4-5.5 will be released in the Marketplace in the next couple of days.

    Adaptavist Product Team

    UPDATE: Attachment Download add-on compatibly with Confluence 5.2-5.5 is now released and available in the Marketplace :)
    by CGM on 2013-06-27
    Is there a plan, when this plugin will be available for Confluence 5.1? [edit] I'm not sure if i have installed it correctly, but a 4-star you will get if i got the link in your format from every attachments-macro and every attachments-view which already exists in Confluence, because after i installed it in our 5.1.1 Installation i still see the old links like ".../download/attachments/123456789/file.ext" greetings Benjamin
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    thanks for your feedback. We've just verified that the plugin is fully compatible with Confluence 5.1 so have updated the listing.

    In return, could you let me know what we could add to this plugin to persuade you to give it a 4 star review?



    Thanks for the update Benjamin. When Attachment Download is installed you can link to all of your existing attachments with our fixed format, but what it won't be able to do is edit all of your existing attachment links that were there prior to installing the plugin.


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    Version 2.5.0 Confluence Server 5.6 - 6.3.3 Released 2017-03-23


    Confluence 6.1.0 compatibility


    • Confluence 6.1.0 compatibility


    1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate Attachment Download for Confluence via search. Results include app versions compatible with your Confluence instance.
    5. Click Install to download and install your app.
    6. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

    To find older Attachment Download for Confluence versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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