Automated code review tool for the web and mobile

Automated code review tool for the web and mobile

Get instant feedback on your code

Make quality check part of your workflow

Check your full stack

You can use codebeat to run static analysis focused on complexity, duplication and best practices after every commit you made or pull request you would like to be reviewed.

Integrate codebeat with BitBucket to get instant feedback about the quality of each commit to your repository. Learn about the impact of your changes, without leaving tools that are part of your workflow.

codebeat is automated code review for the web and mobile. It supports many programming languages including Swift, Obj-C, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, Go, JavaScript and TypeScript.

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codebeat is automated code review tool for the web and mobile.

We’ve created the set of tools and smart analyses to help developers deliver code that is robust and easier to maintain.

Follow codebeat suggestions to see how your fixes influence the overall code quality of your project expressed as a cumulative GPA.

You can use defaults or customize all checksYou can configure default checks, disable and enable reporting of individual issue or exclude files you don't want to analyze - all to make sure codebeat aligns with your quality standards.

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Bitbucket Cloud Released 2016-10-05


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