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Label Bot

Label Bot makes maintaining labels on Jira issues easy by automatically replacing, merging and removing labels based on a set of easily configurable rules. Performs actions on all labels found in your Jira instance:

  1. Ignores labels matching pattern matching.
  2. Drops all labels from uppercase to lowercase.
  3. Replaces one label with another.
  4. Merges two or more labels into a single label.
  5. Removes unwanted labels.

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by Tom Kulzer on 2016-01-19
Great little script. I've successfully run it on JIRA 6.4.1 with >15k issues without any problems. Tweaked it to also remove commas from labels since that's a common user error.
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by karsingh on 2014-01-22
Hi, I have tried installing this plugin to jira-5.1.5 and jira-6.0.8, using Manage Add-ons functionality,but I'm getting below error from both jira versions: Could not find a handler capable of installing the plugin at labelbot-1.0.tar.gz. Check that the file is a valid plugin. Any suggestions on how to install this plugin?
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University of Western Ontario
Hi Karsingh. Label Bot is not a Jira plugin, but rather a stand alone perl script which uses the Jira API. If you download Label Bot from the marketplace, you will find a readme file inside with installation/usage instructions. Please send me an email if you have any questions.
by Marc K Watkins on 2013-10-28
Personally I would like to see what this can do, but unfortunately it is only rated for versions 5.2.4 to 6.0 (and at version 6.0.5 I can not see it in the marketplace). Below the author mentions that he uses it on Jira 6.0.4 so maybe the versions should be updated so those using the Jira 6.0.x versions can also try it. :-)
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University of Western Ontario
Hi Marc. The API hasn't changed between 6.0 and 6.1, so it should work just fine. I've updated the compatibility info. Thanks!
by Matt Doar [ServiceRocket] on 2013-10-28
Excellent idea! I read the script and it's pretty clear how it works (good). I'd be careful with a large JIRA instance since it is retrieving quite a lot of information. You could possibly modify the query to only return issues that were updated since you last ran the script so you didn't have to check issues you've already checked. How fast is it - a few issues per second?
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University of Western Ontario
Hi Matt. Thanks for the feedback. On our Jira instance which has 15K labelled issues (Labelbot filters issues so it only acts on issues which have labels), completes its run in about 4 minutes. I could modify this filter to only fetch issues modified recently, but whenever you revise Labelbot's rules (ie, what you want it to do), you need to process the new rules against all labelled issues, not just the recently modified ones. It's something to keep in mind though, if users start running into very long run times on large instances.
by Sorin Sbarnea (Citrix) on 2013-07-19
I didn't install the plugin yet but just reading about it, I would say it is perfect, compatible with Jira 6, free and open-source. What else could you want? ...hope it works :)
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University of Western Ontario

Hi Sorin. Thanks for the review! Labelbot is a standalone perl script which uses the Jira API to manage labels. I'm currently running it with Jira 6.0.4. The documentation is included, but if you need help getting it running, just let me know.


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Version 1.0 JIRA Server 5.2.4 - 6.1.9 Released 2013-04-03


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