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Stay up to date with buddybuild

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Buddybuild is the only mobile continuous integration and delivery platform that takes just minutes to set up. A ‘git push' to BitBucket, or any other cloud-based git server kicks off a new build and instantly deploys to testers. Then, with a simple screenshot, testers can send their feedback along with important diagnostic details, giving you perfect insight into any bugs they experience, and enabling you to iterate on your app knowing you’re building what your users want. If your app ever crashes, buddybuild will record the number of crashes, which users it affected, and trace back to the exact line of culpable source code.

Stop cobbling together and maintaining disparate build, deployment, crash reporting and feedback systems. Start focusing on what you do best: creating apps people love!

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Hipchat Cloud Released 2016-09-23


Introducing buddybuild for Hipchat


  • Log in to HipChat and navigate to the Room that you would like to integrate with buddybuild. Click on 'Integrations'.
  • Click on 'Build your own integration'.
  • Fill in the 'Name your integration' field and click 'Create'.
  • Copy the URL in the field labelled 'Send messages to this room by posting to this URL'.
  • Head back over to buddybuild and click on the 'Settings' button.
  • Under Notifications, click 'Hipchat'.
  • Click on 'Add new' to configure a new Hipchat room.
  • In the 'Webhook URL' field, paste in the copied URL and click 'Save'. You can now select the types of notification events to send to this Hipchat room. You can also configure multiple Hipchat rooms by clicking 'Add new'.

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