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    by Atlassian Labsfor multiple products
    JIRA Server 6.4.14 - 7.2.10
    Confluence Server 5.7.6 - 6.0.1
    FishEye/Crucible 3.5.0 - 4.2.1
    Bamboo Server 5.7.2 - 5.13.1
    Crowd 2.8.4 - 2.9.7
    Bitbucket Server 3.4.5 - 4.9.0
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    Develop your own custom add-ons for Atlassian products

    Develop your own custom add-ons for Atlassian products

    Cross-platform development environment

    Develop and test locally

    Comprehensive developer documentation

    Supports Windows, OSX, Linux (Debian and RPM) and a standalone Java distribution for other platforms.

    Easily create local installations of JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Stash, Crowd or Fisheye/Crucible to test and debug your add-on.

    Visit https://developer.atlassian.com for tutorials, best practices, reference documentation and tips & tricks.

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    by William Crighton [CCC] on 2014-08-21
    What? Nobody's bothered to review this Baby? I think of this plugin, thank Atlassian and the Developers who conceived, implemented and continue to support it every time I have to write a non-atlassian related stand alone application. Great work, guys, and Great Support. Thank You. -wc
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    Version 6.2.14 JIRA Server 6.4.14 - 7.2.10,
    Confluence Server 5.7.6 - 6.0.1,
    FishEye/Crucible 3.5.0 - 4.2.1,
    Bamboo Server 5.7.2 - 5.13.1,
    Crowd 2.8.4 - 2.9.7,
    Bitbucket Server 3.4.5 - 4.9.0
    Released 2017-01-04


    Atlassian plugin SDK 6.2.14



    • ATLASSDK-82: Update AMPS to version 6.2.11

    Bug Fixes:

    • ATLASSDK-15: Plugin SDK installer overwrites users Path on Windows
    • ATLASSDK-78: Severe errors appearing in Confluence logs when using atlas-run
    • ATLASSDK-77: Atlassian SDK License Error
    • ATLASSDK-54: Started JIRA run-standalone and end up with dead JIRA
    • ATLASSDK-53: SDK seems to sporadically fetch the latest cloud version of JIRA
    • ATLASSDK-46: Installer broke my PATH environment variable

    You can find AMPS release notes at AMPS SDK release notes


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