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  • SLA Invoice Manager for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Prepend

    Create invoices per customer, based on contract period and financial agreements. Approved invoices can be imported into your own financial system.

    CrISStal Eye

    for JIRA Cloud & JIRA Server
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    CrISStal Eye enables controlling in-house and remote employees’ performance and reporting to customers. Log time to JIRA easily right from your desktop. Utilize activity monitoring features and customizable reports that can be tailored to your needs


    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Rozdoum

    With an Agile Remaining Estimate Counter plugin you get summarized remaining estimated time by certain swimlanes. This Atlassian JIRA plugin allows you to see the total sum of remaining estimated time even with tickets’ subtasks in the sprint list.

    Tempo Mobile App for JIRA

    for JIRA Cloud & JIRA Server
    Supported by Tempo for JIRA

    Plan and track your time on the go with Tempo, a time tracking and reporting app that lets you plan and report time from wherever you are. Create cards from issues, Google calendar events, or a real-time tracker and convert them into JIRA worklogs.

    Days Elapsed Plugin

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Akeles Consulting

    Track the number of working days elapsed and show a traffic light color based on conditional thresholds


    for JIRA Cloud
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    Innovation plugin allows teams to clearly and concisely start, configure and track innovation initiatives in your organisation.

    Log Work Utilities

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Gebsun Support

    Smart extensions to ease of time tracking

    Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira

    for JIRA Server
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    Easily remove the stress and worry around your team's time tracking by letting Time Tracking Enforcer for Jira enforce your time tracking policy.

    Automated Estimator of Effort & Duration

    for JIRA Cloud
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    AEED predicts how long a ticket will take based on its similarity to tickets that have already been resolved. If enough tickets also have data for time worked, it will also predict how much effort you should expect to spend on it.

    Cronforce Time Tracking for JIRA

    for JIRA Cloud
    Supported by Cronforce

    Log time and task comments directly from JIRA. Run a buil-in timer and create JIRA worklogs on submission.

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