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{"fecru":[{"id":25,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":26,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":28,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":27,"name":"Reports","functional":false}],"bamboo":[{"id":17,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":18,"name":"Build management","functional":false},{"id":19,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":22,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":20,"name":"Reports","functional":false},{"id":23,"name":"Repository connectors","functional":true},{"id":24,"name":"Tasks","functional":true},{"id":21,"name":"Testing & QA","functional":false}],"crowd":[],"jira":[{"id":1,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":13,"name":"Custom fields","functional":true},{"id":14,"name":"Dashboard gadgets","functional":true},{"id":2,"name":"Diagramming & charting","functional":false},{"id":3,"name":"Email","functional":false},{"id":5,"name":"IT & helpdesk","functional":false},{"id":4,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":15,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":6,"name":"Mobile","functional":false},{"id":7,"name":"Project management","functional":false},{"id":16,"name":"Shared workflows","functional":true},{"id":8,"name":"Source code","functional":false},{"id":9,"name":"Testing & QA","functional":false},{"id":10,"name":"Themes & styles","functional":false},{"id":12,"name":"Time tracking","functional":false},{"id":11,"name":"Workflow","functional":false}],"confluence":[{"id":29,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":38,"name":"Blueprints","functional":true},{"id":30,"name":"Diagramming","functional":false},{"id":31,"name":"Document management","functional":false},{"id":32,"name":"Documentation","functional":false},{"id":33,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":39,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":40,"name":"Macros","functional":true},{"id":34,"name":"Messaging","functional":false},{"id":35,"name":"Mobile","functional":false},{"id":36,"name":"Project planning","functional":false},{"id":37,"name":"Reports & charts","functional":false},{"id":41,"name":"Themes & styles","functional":true}],"bitbucket":[{"id":42,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":43,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":47,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":44,"name":"Reports","functional":false},{"id":48,"name":"Repository hooks","functional":true},{"id":45,"name":"Utilities","functional":false},{"id":46,"name":"Workflow","functional":false}],"hipchat":[]}
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  • Team Quality Guidelines

    for JIRA Cloud
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    Working on a project, have you ever been caught out by something and wanted to share it with the team? Where/how would be the best place to display this information? Team Quality Guidelines solves this by adding panels to JIRA issues with your info.

    Management Methodologies & Models

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Flevy

    A library of of 100s of business frameworks developed by consulting firms. Each methodology is an in-depth training guide. Topics range from Strategy Development to Operational Excellence to Financial Analysis.

    New Status Colors

    for JIRA Server
    This add-on isn't formally supported
    Data Center
    This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

    New colors for two kind of status [red] for "Cancel" or "Cancelled", "Suspend" or "Suspended", "Reject" or "Rejected" and [orange] for "Wait" or "Waiting", "Hold", "On Hold", "Pause" or "Paused"

    Role Extensions

    for JIRA Server
    Atlassian Verified
    SoftwarePlant is an Atlassian Verified vendor.
    Supported by SoftwarePlant, an Atlassian Verified vendor
    Data Center
    This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

    Component roles lets you define your own custom types of component roles. Introduce a clear-cut hierarchy and assign different permission schemes, all separately for each Component.

    Reusable Attachments

    for JIRA Cloud
    Supported by Vitalii Zurian

    Reusable Attachments helps to manage attachments in the most reusable way — by tagging all attachments you add to the issues. No more painful repetitive uploading of the same specs over and over again

    Test Collab for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Test Collab

    Add new test cases and link existing ones with issue in JIRA, assign test executions to testers. Perform all these operations from within JIRA, there is no need to login to multiple systems, just save the Test Collab API key in JIRA and you’re done.

    Codenvy Agile Plugin for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Codenvy

    Codenvy on-demand workspaces improve workflow and automate developer bootstrapping to supercharge the agile ethos.

    JEasy Fields

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Evercode

    Enlarge standard information scope stored in Jira with JEASY FIELDS. Add new fields on Jira forms, build and attach your own validation rules and register additional information.

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