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{"bamboo":[{"id":17,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":18,"name":"Build management","functional":false},{"id":19,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":22,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":20,"name":"Reports","functional":false},{"id":23,"name":"Repository connectors","functional":true},{"id":24,"name":"Tasks","functional":true},{"id":21,"name":"Testing & QA","functional":false}],"crowd":[],"jira":[{"id":1,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":13,"name":"Custom fields","functional":true},{"id":14,"name":"Dashboard gadgets","functional":true},{"id":2,"name":"Diagramming & charting","functional":false},{"id":3,"name":"Email","functional":false},{"id":5,"name":"IT & helpdesk","functional":false},{"id":4,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":15,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":6,"name":"Mobile","functional":false},{"id":7,"name":"Project management","functional":false},{"id":16,"name":"Shared workflows","functional":true},{"id":8,"name":"Source code","functional":false},{"id":9,"name":"Testing & QA","functional":false},{"id":10,"name":"Themes & styles","functional":false},{"id":12,"name":"Time tracking","functional":false},{"id":11,"name":"Workflow","functional":false}],"crucible":[{"id":25,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":26,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":28,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":27,"name":"Reports","functional":false}],"confluence":[{"id":29,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":38,"name":"Blueprints","functional":true},{"id":30,"name":"Diagramming","functional":false},{"id":31,"name":"Document management","functional":false},{"id":32,"name":"Documentation","functional":false},{"id":33,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":39,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":40,"name":"Macros","functional":true},{"id":34,"name":"Messaging","functional":false},{"id":35,"name":"Mobile","functional":false},{"id":36,"name":"Project planning","functional":false},{"id":37,"name":"Reports & charts","functional":false},{"id":41,"name":"Themes & styles","functional":true}],"bitbucket":[{"id":42,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":43,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":47,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":44,"name":"Reports","functional":false},{"id":48,"name":"Repository hooks","functional":true},{"id":45,"name":"Utilities","functional":false},{"id":46,"name":"Workflow","functional":false}],"fisheye":[{"id":25,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":26,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":28,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":27,"name":"Reports","functional":false}],"hipchat":[]}
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  • Jirassimo - JIRA realtime notifications

    for JIRA Cloud
    Supported by Vertuna/Vacom

    Jirassimo is a plugin for JIRA Cloud which enables sending instant messages using your custom templates about your JIRA events to your favourite team-messenger. We support integrations with: - Slack - HipChat - Fleep - Email

    Issue Link Matrix Gadget

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Eason M yang

    This gadget builds the issue link matrix for given filter, with selected issue link type and condition. Clicking on red/green cells will show you to the resolved/unresolved tasks. See Documentations for usage examples.

    Scrum Poker - Agile mobile planner

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Ltd.

    Import story points directly into JIRA Agile board with an integrated mobile app that makes estimating user stories fun again!

    DataQA - Unit tests for SQL databases

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Business Data Quality Ltd

    DataQA makes finding and tracking data defects in external databases automatic. With DataQA, you just set up SQL based data rules. Then, when a problem occurs, you get sent an alert. Monitor database problems as they arise, all from within JIRA.

    Parature, from Microsoft for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Cazoomi

    Parature, from Microsoft, provides businesses with CRM, Support and Social all built on 1 platform. Think Self-Service CRM connected to your apps! Now your JIRA issues, comments, attachments, custom fields are all integrated to Parature.

    Automated Estimator of Effort & Duration

    for JIRA Cloud
    This add-on isn't formally supported

    AEED predicts how long a ticket will take based on its similarity to tickets that have already been resolved. If enough tickets also have data for time worked, it will also predict how much effort you should expect to spend on it.

    Filters Activity Stream for JIRA

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Ugubi

    Projects may have many versions, which span across multiple teams. Using the activity stream only by project basis displays too much information. Allowing the use of search filters will make the ActivityStream gadget more robust and powerful !!

    Change User Group

    for JIRA Server
    Supported by Pascal Levittoux

    Dynamically change user's group in workflow


    for JIRA Server
    Supported by The Starware, Inc.

    The human mind subconsciously associates a color with an element and instantly relates that element color in front of them. So color coding your issues helps you to more easily recognize which issue needs priority.

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