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{"bamboo":[{"id":17,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":18,"name":"Build management","functional":false},{"id":19,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":22,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":20,"name":"Reports","functional":false},{"id":23,"name":"Repository connectors","functional":true},{"id":24,"name":"Tasks","functional":true},{"id":21,"name":"Testing & QA","functional":false}],"crowd":[],"jira":[{"id":1,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":13,"name":"Custom fields","functional":true},{"id":14,"name":"Dashboard gadgets","functional":true},{"id":2,"name":"Diagramming & charting","functional":false},{"id":3,"name":"Email","functional":false},{"id":5,"name":"IT & helpdesk","functional":false},{"id":4,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":15,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":6,"name":"Mobile","functional":false},{"id":7,"name":"Project management","functional":false},{"id":16,"name":"Shared workflows","functional":true},{"id":8,"name":"Source code","functional":false},{"id":9,"name":"Testing & QA","functional":false},{"id":10,"name":"Themes & styles","functional":false},{"id":12,"name":"Time tracking","functional":false},{"id":11,"name":"Workflow","functional":false}],"crucible":[{"id":25,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":26,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":28,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":27,"name":"Reports","functional":false}],"confluence":[{"id":29,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":38,"name":"Blueprints","functional":true},{"id":30,"name":"Diagramming","functional":false},{"id":31,"name":"Document management","functional":false},{"id":32,"name":"Documentation","functional":false},{"id":33,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":39,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":40,"name":"Macros","functional":true},{"id":34,"name":"Messaging","functional":false},{"id":35,"name":"Mobile","functional":false},{"id":36,"name":"Project planning","functional":false},{"id":37,"name":"Reports & charts","functional":false},{"id":41,"name":"Themes & styles","functional":true}],"bitbucket":[{"id":42,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":43,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":47,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":44,"name":"Reports","functional":false},{"id":48,"name":"Repository hooks","functional":true},{"id":45,"name":"Utilities","functional":false},{"id":46,"name":"Workflow","functional":false}],"fisheye":[{"id":25,"name":"Admin tools","functional":false},{"id":26,"name":"Integrations","functional":false},{"id":28,"name":"Language packs","functional":true},{"id":27,"name":"Reports","functional":false}],"hipchat":[]}
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  • Atlassian REST API Browser

    for JIRA Server, Confluence Server, Bamboo Server and Bitbucket Server
    This add-on isn't formally supported
    Data Center
    This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

    Atlassian products have a rich set of REST APIs you can use in various ways. The REST API Browser will help you get acquainted with all of the APIs.

    Bamboo Node.js Support

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by Atlassian

    An add-on for integrating Node.js with Bamboo. Includes tasks to run scripts with node, npm commands (e.g. npm install, npm test), and commands, scripts and tests with Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Mocha and Nodeunit.

    JavaMelody Monitoring Plugin

    for JIRA Server, Confluence Server and Bamboo Server
    Supported by JavaMelody
    Data Center
    This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

    Monitoring of JIRA, Confluence or Bamboo server with JavaMelody.

    Sonar for Bamboo

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by Mibex Software GmbH

    Bamboo tasks to analyze projects with Sonar for Maven (v2 and v3), Gradle and SonarQube's Runner. Supports auto-branching based on Bamboo plan branches for Sonar-based code reviews. Sonar server settings can be stored in the plug-in.

    Maven POM Value Extractor

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by David Ehringer

    This plugin provides a build task that extracts values from Maven POMs and sets build variables using those values. This allows you to keep you Bamboo variables in sync with your Maven POM.

    Slack Bamboo Plugin

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by CSTB
    Data Center
    This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

    This plugin integrates Bamboo with Slack. It allows any Bamboo notification to be posted to a specific slack room.

    Bamboo Artifactory Plugin

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by JFrog Ltd

    Adds Maven 3, Ivy/Ant, Gradle and Generic Builder support. Captures info about artifacts, dependencies and environment data of Bamboo build runs, maintains full traceability for your builds and deploys your artifacts to Artifactory efficiently.

    Chuck Norris for Bamboo

    for Bamboo Server
    Supported by Mibex Software GmbH

    This is the well-known Chuck Norris plug-in for Atlassian Bamboo. It displays a picture and a random programmer joke of Chuck Norris on each build page and on the Bamboo wallboard.

    Tasks for AWS (Bamboo)

    for Bamboo Server
    Atlassian Verified
    Utoolity is an Atlassian Verified vendor.
    Supported by Utoolity, an Atlassian Verified vendor

    Tasks for your DevOps workflows – use Bamboo build and deployment projects to deploy and operate AWS and Docker resources via CloudFormation, CodeDeploy, Elastic Beanstalk, the Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS), AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, and Amazon S3

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